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What are the latest UK food trends?

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16th Sep 20 3:59 pm

Similar to the fashion industry, by the end of every year, we begin to look forward to the new trends coming ahead. Since the food and beverage industry in the UK is quite vast; thus, therefore, it is possible for one to guess the food trends that will be coming and going in the following year.

By the end of 2019, many food trends said their goodbyes, and with the innovative recipes by famous chefs in the country, new trends rose to the surface and have taken over the industry at present. Apart from the evolution of veganism, multiple other trends have caught our attention.

Are you looking to set your table with the on-going trends for your Instagram feed or simply a foodie looking forward to trying new things that the UK food industry has to offer this year? No matter which one you are because you have landed at the right spot. So let us go ahead and explore the new taste buds for this year.

Shift towards online shopping

With the Covid-19 situation hitting the world like a storm and forcing businesses to shut down and focus more on social-distancing, the concept of online shopping has become quite popular. Consumers are searching for food and beverage goods and services on the internet these days to improve their diets, meal plans, and explore different taste buds.

From ordering meals from the nearest restaurants and supermarkets to buy Kratom online from websites such as Kratom Krush, consumers are opting for online shopping for all their needs.  Supermarkets should focus on setting up their eCommerce stores and improve their paid and organic digital marketing techniques to reach out to all their customers and meet their needs.

Say no to plastic

Saving the planet has been one of the most important agenda for the years. With the increase in awareness among the commoners, the use of plastic has been significantly reduced to protect the environment for the coming generations.

No more plastic bags or one-time plastic straws are offered by restaurants, especially large-scale food chains set up at present. Even the food truck owners have started to opt for biodegradable cutlery and crockery due to the ban imposed by the British Government on plastic straws in 2020.

Since the campaign has been backed up by 80% of the respondents, therefore supermarkets, restaurant owners, and manufacturers are forced to opt for alternative ways to package and deliver their goods to the customers. So you can say that the use of polyethylene is the trend of the past.

Food hall hysteria

If you are a foodie, then you must have noticed that a new food hall opened every month by the end of last year. The reason is that investors in the food industry have realized the low-risk benefit paired with high footfall in such open, walk-bay places. The phenomenon is already conquering most cities in the UK, and we are looking forward to more signed projects in the coming months.

We must admit, it is one of the best ways to keep the streets packed and send those trendy food vibes to the potential customers passing by. The colorful halls, with vintage setups and traditional local cuisine combined with a blend of famous dishes from around the globe, are the place every foodie calls home.

Social media takeover

No industry is immune to social media these days, especially the food and drink industry. Social media is provoking people to try out new things and share their experiences with others. With the advanced cameras packed in our smartphones these days, foodies love to capture extravagant and colorful looking dishes and share their taste and the experience at the restaurant with their followers.

You will find a ton of food-related influencers on Instagram these days that not only share their experience at the restaurant but also explain the way the food tastes and health benefits it has to offer – almost like marketing your business for you for free!

So restaurants and cafes should focus on coming up with recipes that don’t only taste good but also look good, or should we say are ‘Instagram-Worthy.’ The more eye-catching they are, the more attention they will get from the passing shoppers and will lure them into ordering one for the Instagram post.

Fusion cuisine

Local food is always great, and it will always be a part of the UK cuisine, but with the social media influencing our every move, suppliers and chefs in the food industry have taken it upon themselves to provide a fusion of different cuisines to the consumers.

Not only can you find Chinese and Indian cuisine in the UK, but you can now also enjoy the Singaporean and Sri Lankan cuisine, both of which are gaining a lot of attention, especially after the likes of Anaïs van Manen’s Snack Bar offering kaya toast and Hoppers providing the country’s most delicious pancake basket breakfast.

Fin-to-tail feasts

Gone are the days when one used to only snack on the meaty parts of seafood. The release of The Whole Fish Cookbook by Aussie chef Josh Niland has led to an immense shift in the seafood markets. With his amazing fin to tail recipes, there is no part of the fish that you can’t enjoy! We are looking forward to seafood sausages and fish bones as a garnish this year.

Revolutionising of snack bar

Not everyone is a fan of greasy bacon burger patties. The uprise of Max’s Sandwich shop and Sons + Daughters located in Crouch End and Kings Cross respectively has proven the increase in demand for a fresh sandwich. People are shifting from a carb-filled diet to a healthy one, so some grassy, veggie-filled sandwiches are what we are looking forward to this year.

Opening up a sandwich bar in a food hall might be one of the best investments at the movement for the chefs. If you think you can provide various flavored healthy and tasty sandwiches to your customers, then you, my friend, are looking forward to a successful business.

Fresh herbs in supermarkets

Apart from being popular in the medicine industry, herbs have become a major part of our food and beverage industry in the UK as well. Herbs like Green Malay Kratom, Basil, Parsley, Coriander are not only packed with healing properties but also offer fresh and natural flavor, which adds a unique taste to your meal. You can get your dose of Green Malay Kratom from trusted online vendor Kratom Krush.

This year, supermarkets have given home chefs a chance to explore their inner ‘Master Chefs’ by providing access to a whole world of flavors in small packets. Hit your nearest supermarket and stock up on herbs like fresh coriander, chervil, basil, parsley, and tarragon and enjoy their grassy flavor in your meals or use them to garnish your plate.

Final words

Food trends keep changing from time to time. As time passes, the demands and desires of the consumers begin to change, and new recipes hit the restaurant and turn into annual trends. Some trends are followed for years, while others last only a few months. So why not try them all out to enjoy what the UK food industry has to offer to its residents and tourists?

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