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What are the best outdoor tiles for garden use

by Sarah Dunsby
18th Mar 24 4:21 pm

When it comes to upgrading your outdoor space, choosing the right tiles can make a world of difference. Outdoor tiles for gardens have evolved beyond mere functionality to become one of the main design features in your outdoor space.

Modern garden tile designs in the UK come in various materials and styles to suit a variety of functions and tastes.   In this guide, we’ll explore the diverse world of outdoor tiles from natural stone garden tile options to ultra contemporary PVC designs giving you the complete picture in garden surface choice.

Outdoor tiles for garden: Exploring options

Natural stone tiles

Stone tiles come in a huge variety of styles from traditional paving slabs and classic shapes to more stylised or contemporary designs.  You can choose from neutral, organic colour blends or experiment with bolder colour combinations and pattern for a more customized look.  Natural stone garden tiles in the UK can be as plain and understated to ornate and decorative as you like, and with so much variety available on the market, you have the opportunity to create something completely unique.

Natural stone is a versatile and durable option that offers variation and practicality but can be costly and expensive to install, usually requiring specialist preparation and fitting.  If budget allows, a stone garden surface is a great investment for all-round garden use.

Slate tiles

Slate is another solid garden tile option.  Available in sleek and textured styles and rich colours, slate has become increasingly popular for garden patios and walkways. They offer a minimal and modern aesthetic which is robust and weather resistant combining both style and practicality.  Like natural stone, slate tiles can be expensive but are worth the cost if you plan to use your living space in all seasons.

PVC garden tiles

Newer to the market, PVC outdoor tiles for garden use come in a wide choice of open-mesh designs or solid tile mats with printed or textured patterns.  Customisable outdoor garden tile options such as these mean that you can create any type of finish, design or colour you desire for a space which is completely tailored to your personal style and requirements.

Depending on the type of PVC tile you opt for, premium interlocking PVC tiles are simple to fit, have in-built drainage and are weatherproof meaning they will withstand rain and varying temperature changes without premature damage.

PVC tiles can vary from very budget-friendly to more costly for custom designs but are all-round affordable and are a great choice for kids play spaces and general garden use.  They are simple to clean and very low maintenance, important factors for busy families and heavy use.

Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiling is a striking and statement garden surface and can be achieved using various materials from natural stone, ceramics or PVC to investing in a prefinished, traditional mosaic design where tiny fragments are used to create exceptional patterns and features.

Outdoor mosaic tiles for garden (UK) use come in varying scales and levels of pattern which can be costly and time consuming to achieve depending on the method and type of product you opt for.  Mosaic tiles can also be difficult and pricey to repair if they become damaged which is something to be mindful of.

Some homeowners opt for a small mosaic feature which allows them to incorporate a bespoke and unique accent within their garden space without being limited on functionality.

Rubber outdoor tiles for gardens

One of the most resilient surfaces, rubber garden tiles are an excellent choice for creating a modern aesthetic which is both functional and visually appealing.

Rubber tiles come in a variety of thicknesses and colours which can be used on patios, walkways and kids play areas for extra safety, cushioning slips and falls.  The durable tiles are designed for all-weather and create a flat and even surface for garden furniture and weighty equipment such as climbing frames and hot tubs.

Opting for rubber tiles is also cost-effective.  They are affordable and simple to fit without specialist assistance while remaining low maintenance and easy to clean.

Perhaps one of the drawbacks of this garden tile option is that they don’t have as large a variety in terms of colours or design.

Modern garden tile designs in the UK: Setting trends

Modern garden tile designs in the UK are all about blending functionality with aesthetics. To find the best outdoor tiles for garden use, pay attention to the versatility of your chosen material.  Consider customizable outdoor garden tile options to add a personal touch to your outdoor space. Mix and match colors, patterns, and materials to create a design that reflects your unique taste and complements your garden’s overall theme.

In conclusion, the choice of outdoor tiles for your garden should align with both your aesthetic preferences and practical needs. Whether you prefer the classic appeal of natural stone or the creative flair of mosaic tiles, understanding the pros and cons of each material is crucial. Take your time exploring options, and consider customizable outdoor garden tile designs to bring your vision to life. With the right choice of tiles, you can transform your garden into a stylish and functional outdoor oasis that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

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