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What a cat would write in a Christmas card

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27th Sep 22 1:11 pm

There are all kinds of wonderful cat Christmas cards to choose from on websites like Boomf, and if you’re like me, our feline friends hold a special place in our Christmas hearts. One of my favourite memories is after dinner’s been eaten, and everyone is sitting quietly and contently in the front room by the fire. And like us the well-fed cat is humming away, silent also. Then it is cheese and crackers and port, and plenty of crumbs for the little fuzzy fella to pick off the carpet.

Maybe you’ve got a new kitten and your little ones are simply obsessed with it. It might be a cute idea to write a Christmas card on your kitten’s behalf – you’ve got a new member of the family after all. Or perhaps you know someone who’s a complete cat lover, and only the most feline-focused of Christmas cards will do. Well, you can curl up and relax, I’m here to help.

I’m writing a card on behalf of my cat. What should I write?

First off – this is a very cute idea. Well, what are cats like? You might never know what your little lion is thinking. They can be sneaky and solitary, but also friendly and very affectionate once you get to know them. So I’d write from a loving, cutesy place.

What are some great cat based puns for a Christmas card?

If you know someone who’s a cat lover maybe your best bet is to look for a Christmas card with a feline design. Boomf has some options – you can even upload a photo of your cat from your device and place it right on the front of the card. We know that nothing goes together like cats and cute photos, you’ve probably got a million of them! But then there’s the problem of what to write, well, here are some cat-based puns to delight your feline-obsessed friend.

  • Happy Catmas from Santa Claws!
  • Have a purrrfect Christmas!
  • It’s the meowst wonderful time of the year!
  • Merry Catmas and a furry new year!
  • Merry Catmas from our whisker wonderland!

I hope that I’ve helped you put together the purrrrfect card for a cat-loving friend this Christmas – okay, I’ll stop with the puns now. Now that your cat Christmas cards are ready, all that’s left for you to do is for you to settle down with your furry friend and enjoy the holidays. Happy Christmas.

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