Watch: Uber drivers occupy London HQ as they stage multi-city strike


Hundreds of Uber drivers are protesting outside the company’s London HQ today and staging a 24-hour strike in several UK cities, including London, over pay and working conditions.

“Hundreds” of drivers are expected to switch off their apps from 1pm, making themselves unavailable for work, union organisers said.

Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), which is organising today’s rally, is calling for an increase in fares from £1.25 to £2 per mile in London, in addition to a 10 per cent reduction in commissions paid to Uber by drivers.

The IWGB is also calling on Uber to honour an employment tribunal verdict in 2016 which rejected the ride-hailing app’s claim that drivers are self-employed and not entitled to minimum wage or paid holidays.

Uber, however, defended its pay record, saying it had rolled out numerous benefits for employees in the last few months.