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Want to sell textbooks – Do it online

7th Jan 17 11:42 am

Here’s how

Most of the time we grumble is when we do not know what to do with the old textbooks. Either it is dumped in the store rooms or there are no other options left but stuff them on the book shelves. It is a very dull affair. However believe it or not you can get rid of unwanted books and that too online. In case you browse in the internet, you will come across many sites that are willing to buy old books and this can be done very easily.

Let’s see we can get our books sold online:

  1. After deciding with the site to go for, you need to get in touch with them and ask them about the terms and conditions and follow the steps which are informed to you by them. The first one is to get a list of all the text books that you have and along with it you have to note the barcodes also which is necessary while you want to sell your books online. Along with it you should also mention the subjects.
  2. The next thing when they say that they need the particular books, you need to pack them up and send them across through a trusted courier service and send them absolutely free of cost.
  3. Once they get the books they check with the list that was finalized with you and let you know that they have received it.
  4. Once they get them, they sit and analysis before they send a quote to you. If you are ok with that the send a confirmation note to them. The payment is made the very next day. However you need to understand that each different site has payment terms and the tenure of sending you the payment can vary.
  5. There is a similar site sell textbooks which can help you out with the selling of text books.

Apart from this if you are a writer be it fiction or educational writers, you can get them done easily by printing the books all from your end and then contacting the sites who are willing to buy the stuff. This time also if you need to sell the books send a list to them and wait for a confirmation mail as to whether they are buying the books. Once do say yes, they send you the quote. It depends on whether you agree with it or not. If you agree then you go ahead but if you don’t start negotiating with them. After you agree on a term start packing the books you would like to sell and sent it across to them. Once they receive they are going to send the payment depending on the payment term that they have forwarded to you.

With the advancement in technology you now have the option and you can decide what is best for you. It is not very easy to go ahead in buying and selling the books now.

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