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Wall mount stainless steel shelves for extra storage and commercial kitchen space organisation

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2nd Oct 20 2:31 pm

Stainless steel wall shelves for kitchen are possible to find in almost every catering establishment. This is a feasible and simple type of restaurant equipment with which you can competently organise the storage space. The kitchen staff can keep dishes and cutlery, non-perishable food products, spices, small household appliances, cleaners and detergents, involving unused wall space. Compared to larger cabinets, wall mount stainless steel shelves can solve ergonomic tasks when it comes to efficiency and comfort in the working environment. Open-based shelves help to avoid opening doors every time you need to take any of the stored items. It helps to optimise performance, use free vertical space wisely, and simplify cooking daily routine.

Main advantages of wall mount stainless steel shelves:

  • competent arrangement of kitchen gear;
  • ensuring smooth operation when implementing food prep activities;
  • using useful space without creating obstacles for easy utensils, containers, products reach;
  • metal shelves are free-maintenance and easy to wash;
  • stainless steel is corrosion, fungus, and mildew resistant, strong, and durable;
  • stainless steel wall shelves are harmless and do not emit toxic substances that unacceptable for surfaces in contact with food;
  • possibility to hang on the wall in the place where the floor space is already occupied by other equipment (sink, working tables, stove or oven);
  • a great opportunity to replace bulky and inconvenient cabinets;
  • food-grade stainless steel is one of the most environmentally-friendly and safe materials;
  • lightweight shelves greatly simplify delivery and installation.

Due to constant humidity and periodic sharp changes in temperatures in the commercial areas, such products must be reliable, resistant to various thermal conditions, and withstand wear, damages, staining, cracking.  Moreover, wall mount stainless steel shelves fight off dirt, do not absorb unpleasant odors or fade. A light movement of the sponge or soft close with soapy warm water will be enough to remove distinctive smells and food marks. To prevent germs from spreading, a special disinfectant should be applied regularly. In addition, it won’t be impossible to detect any fingerprints, signs of mold, or pores on the surface.

Things to consider when purchasing wall mount stainless steel shelves

The main selection criteria include the following: model dimensions, installation method (handing on a wall or adding a shelf to a table), functional purpose (solid surface or wire wall shelf). Remember, it is prohibited to keep food and chemicals together on multi-level units. Thus, to maximise space at your commercial kitchen and properly arrange every tool, it is advisable to purchase several items. Before you buy a stainless steel shelf, it is recommended to fully equip and furnish the kitchen to determine the exact dimensions.

Professional kitchen equipment, no matter whether these are shelves, bakery pan racks, metal tables must meet the highest hygiene standards. That’s why consider AmGoodSupply stainless steel shelves and other products. With such a shelf, you can solve several issues at once with saving space and improving the working conditions of personnel at various stages of the production process. Behind-the-scenes in the kitchen, everything has to run like clockwork. Thus, the right equipment allows preparing and presenting excellent cuisine and high-quality tasty meals.

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