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Wagner mercenary group to be ‘blacklisted’ by the UK as a terrorist organisation for ‘appalling atrocities’

by LLB political Reporter
10th May 23 10:18 am

The British government are to designate Wagner Group are a terrorist organisation and those who support or promote the mercenary group will be committing a criminal offence.

Quoting a government source the Times said the move to proscribe Wagener Group is “imminent” which will make it a criminal offence to display their logo or join the group.

Labour have been urging the government to proscribe the group for their “appalling atrocities” which they are responsible for globally.

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In a joint statement, Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy and Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper said, “The Wagner Group is responsible for the appalling atrocities in Ukraine and across the world.

“No-one in the UK should be allowed to belong to the Wagner Group, support it or promote it.”

Wagner Group will be slapped with financial sanctions which will make it more difficult for warlord Yevgeny Prigozhin to raise money through British banks.

The Foreign Secretary James Cleverly is calling on the international community to continue supporting Ukraine to send a clear message that “powerful nations cannot invade their neighbours with impunity.”

Cleverly said, “Things are complicated, things are messy, things are difficult, things will get scary.

“We will expect to hear escalatory words coming out of Vladimir Putin’s lips – we need to be ready for that, we need to have the resolve to continue to do the right thing, notwithstanding those comments.”

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