Home Business News Upgraded: Voice assistant Alexa is coming to workplace

Upgraded: Voice assistant Alexa is coming to workplace

1st Dec 17 9:45 am

Now Alexa can manage offices from booking meeting rooms to making calls

According to a new update from Amazon.com Inc, its digital voice assistant is now programmed to handle a range of office tasks.

Businesses can now buy Alexa devices that help employees dial into conference calls, manage their calendars, find open meeting rooms and also order work supplies from Amazon.

Amazon reportedly wants Alexa to be everywhere, and it needs more voice data to feed and ‘train’ it so that talking to the assistant feels like talking to a friend.

While announcing the service, Amazon’s Chief Technology Officer Werner Vogels said at the company’s cloud-computing summit in Las Vegas: ‘Meetings always start 10 minutes late’ due to small technology issues.

‘If voice is a natural way of interacting in your home … why don’t we build something that you can actually use at work as well?’

The company is looking to make money in the long term from people shopping with Alexa and using it.

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