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Ukraine set to introduce cash payments of $1m for Russian pilots to give up their fighter jets

by LLB political Reporter
31st Mar 22 1:00 pm

The Ukrainian parliament have proposed cash payments to Russian military soldiers and pilots to sell their serviceable military equipment.

Politicians have said that they could offer $1m for a Russian pilot to give up their fighter jet, to be transferred to the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU).

The document which was registered in the Verkhovna Rada on March 30,  proposes to establish remuneration for military personnel of the Russian armed forces.

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Other power structures of Russia along with other categories of persons for the military equipment from Russia which are suitable for use and voluntarily transferred to the AFU.

The bill also says that the AFU will have the right to keep the transfer of any Russian equipment to Ukrainian Armed Forces secret.

The Ukrainian government are proposing a combat aircraft, fighter and attack aircraft would be worth $1m, whilst a combat helicopter pilot would be offered $500,000 and Russian soldiers who have multiple launch rocket system could be offered $25,000-35,000.

President Volodymyr Zelensky spoke to the Parliament of the Netherlands and asked for weapons which will drive out Russian forces from the Ukraine.

He thanked the Netherlands for their continued support and said, “Tyranny [of Russia] must lose. And for this to happen, freedom must receive all the necessary weapons for victory, for protection. The weapons that you have on the continent.”

“Ukraine is grateful to you for the support it has already received from you, from your society, from the state.

“This support is truly unprecedented. But the war is so intense, the Russian troops are so active, we need more… We need weapons that will help us make our skies safe, with which it is possible to unblock our Ukrainian cities, where Russia arranges an artificial famine.

“We need such a weapon that will allow us to expel the invaders from our land: jets, tanks, anti-aircraft weapons, shells, missiles, etc. I hope you will find an opportunity to help us,” he added.

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