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UK electric motorcycle Industry showing signs of promise

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19th Nov 20 3:41 pm

It is true that the electric motorcycle industry has not taken off like the electric car market in recent years, but there are signs of optimism as there are signs of growth with more riders looking to make the switch and enjoy the perks of an electric motorbike.

Increasing registrations

Looking at the MCIA’s monthly report, it shows that in October 2020 there were 304 new electric motorcycle registrations compared to 177 the year before which is a rise of 71.8%. In terms of year to date information, there was an increase of 50.2% compared to October 2019 YTD. These statistics show that there are signs of growth and the future looks bright for the electric motorbike industry.

Manufacturers going electric

Those that are in the industry are now looking to go electric or already have electric motorbikes in their range. There was a limited selection available initially, but now all the big names have a big or are adding an electric bike to their range in response to the growing signs of demand and as the world becomes more eco-conscious. Harley Davidson, BMW, Energica, Super Soco, Zero and Husqvarna are just a few of the big brands to cater to the growing demand for electric bikes and this will only encourage more to make the switch.

Mark Cooper, head of product bike at Carole Nash, explained:

“With sales of electric motorcycles increasing in 2019, and growth seen in early 2020, March’s budget announcement sends a positive message of encouragement of support to the future.”

“This is a sign that electric motorcycles style is developing compared to the previous ranges available in the market, which will naturally attract a wider audience.”

Grants available

Another reason that electric motorbikes are starting to appeal to a wider audience is the financial incentives in the form of Government grants. The Government are encouraging people to switch to electric vehicles in a bid to hit clean air targets, encouraging people with a grant of up to £1,500 towards the purchase of an electric motorbike. On top of this, the Department of Transport’s Office for Low Emissions Vehicles (OLEV) is extending its electric vehicle home charging scheme with a grant of up to £350 to go towards a socket for charging a bike at home or in the workplace.

It is clear that electric motorcycles are starting to become more popular with riders slowly starting to make the switch. This is unsurprising when you factor in the range of bikes that is now available, the improving technology, the multiple financial benefits of switching and the fact that people are becoming increasingly eco-conscious. Motorcyclists may be more hesitant than regular drivers out of concerns over losing the bike experience, but many are discovering the electric motorbike to be just as thrilling.

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