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Twitter's $1bn IPO: 10 people who will become millionaires and billionaires

by LLB Editor
4th Oct 13 11:33 am

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is worth $1.3bn as of September 2013. So with the $1bn float plan, can ahem, Jack become the king of tech IPOs?

Going by the history of tech IPOs, this is widely speculated to be a tall order.

But Twitter stakeholders are expected to become billionaires and millionaires? Who are they? Business Insider has done some clever calculations. (They have assumed an opening price of $29 per share.)

Here’s the list:

1. Jack Dorsey, executive chairman

Total shares owned: 23,411,350

Estimated value: $679m


2. Dick Costolo, CEO

Total shares owned: 7,589,608

Estimated value: $220m


3. Ev Williams, founder

Total shares owned: 56,909,847

Estimated value: $1.65bn


4. Adam Bain, president/global revenue

Total shares owned: 1,722,350

Estimated value: $50m


5. Series G holders: Yuri Milner’s DST, T Rowe Price, Chris Sacca and others

Total shares owned: about 5%, or 24 million

Estimated value: $696m


6. Peter Currie, board member

Total shares owned: 291,666

Estimated value: $8.5m


7. Benchmark Capital

Total shares owned: 31,568,740

Estimated value: $915m


8. David Rosenblatt, board member

Total shares owned:283,333

Estimated value: $8.2m


9. Series C and D holders Rizvi Traverse and Spark Capital

Total shares owned: 24 million (about 5%)

Estimated value: $680m


10. MoPub stockholders

Total shares owned: 14,791,464

Estimated value: $429m

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