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Tories accused of bringing the UK to ‘brink of recession’ threatening ‘livelihoods, homes and businesses’

by LLB political Reporter
2nd Jul 23 1:30 pm

The Conservative government has been accused over their handling of the economy which is now “threatening the livelihoods, homes and businesses” as concerns are raised over interest rates that could hit 6.5%.

SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn said that under the Tory government the UK is now on the “brink of recession” over them trying to lower inflation.

Last week asset management form Schroders warned that interest rates will rise to 6.5% which could lead to a recession.

Flynn said that neither the Prime Minister or the Labour leader will “admit the long-term damage” which has been caused by Brexit, and he insisted that raising rates alone “is not” the right answer to get “the economy back on track.”

Flynn said, “The Tories trashed the economy and now they are taking the UK to the brink of recession – threatening the livelihoods, homes and businesses of people across Scotland and the UK.”

The SNP Westminster leader added, “People in Scotland are sick to the back teeth of the constant crisis under Westminster control – as families are forced to foot the bill for Brexit, Tory cuts and total incompetence.”

He then raised the answer as to why Scotland should declare “independence” and said that by leaving Westminster’s control, they can “invest in sustained growth to secure a prosperous future.”

Flynn argued, “Rejoining the EU, and properly investing in the renewables gold rush, is the only credible plan to secure sustained economic growth but Westminster has failed.

“Put simply Scotland can’t afford not to be independent.”

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