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Top six ways of telling if an online movie streaming site is legal

by LLB Reporter
31st May 17 1:32 pm

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Streaming movies online has caught on like a wildfire because of the convenience and the availability of getting a lot of movies and TV shows for free. For most of the people going to a movie theater has become a waste of time and they prefer to stream free movies online on the internet. However most of those streaming sites are not legal to use as they promote pirated content on a regular basis. It is always good to give credit to the hard work original creator of movies and videos and therefore it is always suggested to use only legal movie streaming sites rather than pirated movie sites.


The question may now arise in your mind “How will I judge if a site where I am streaming movies is legitimate? To get an answer to this question keep reading this post. With all the benefits of high speed internet, there are glaring problems brought by it, one those problem is illegal copying and distribution of movies and TV shows.

In 2014, ‘Game of Thrones’ and “The Wolf of Wall Street” were the most pirated TV shows and movies. Governing authorities have already becoming strict against illegal streaming. There has always been an argument of getting movies to those who cannot afford cinema tickets or cannot buy DVDs but, there is already a system to take care of this problem without piracy- you just have to wait for the free release.

However, because we are in such a hurry that we cannot wait, piracy threatens revenue, hard work of original creators and many others involved in production.  Here I am going to list down top ways which can help you in knowing if the streaming site you are using is legit or not.

How to know if a movie streaming site is legal to use?


1.      There aren’t really new movies

If streaming site will be updated regularly with latest movies then this might be the indication that you have landed on an illegal movie site which has a pirated content. A legal movie streaming site should either ask for a minimal subscription fees for new movies or it should contain old evergreen movies that have been let loose by the production houses for free viewing.

2.      Availability of contact information

Webmasters of legal streaming sites would never hesitate in sharing their contact information on the website. If you are not able to see any contact details of the site owner then you might not have landed on a legal streaming site.

3.      Disclosure of source of movies and TV shows

A legitimate free movies streaming site will tell the viewer where the movie is sourced from- why wouldn’t they? There is nothing to hide. Honest free movies streaming sites have permission to distribute movies in their collection or are already released for free public viewing.

4.      Advertisements

Be wary of a free streaming website that has no ads popping up. How are they making money unless they are supported by a free fund? Legal sites will almost always run ads to help sustain them financially or have a minimal subscription fee.

5.      Availability of a mobile app

Does your favorite movie site also has any mobile app? Most of the registered and legal movie streaming services have their android and iOS apps. Playstore and iTunes have very strict guidelines and they will never allow any unauthorized movie site to publish their app. If your favorite movie site does not have a valid license then most probably you won’t find its app.

6.      Website design

Illegitimate sites do not have the time to create a user friendly design. Their primary focus is to upload and release pirated movies and earn revenue from illegal means. So, if you come to a streaming site with a very amateurish web interface, you can simply move on.

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