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Top five ideas to remodel a bathroom

by John Saunders
27th Nov 18 8:09 am

Are you looking to remodel or redesign your bathroom? Is your bathroom in need of a fresh design? There are plenty of ideas to redesign and renovate your old and dull bathroom and give your bathroom a little pump up and freshness with designs that are trending in recent times like uses of unique color, designer radiators, eye catching tiles, designer storage boxes etc.

First of all, determine how much you are willing to spend and the extent of changes you want to make. There are cosmetic changes like the new sink, paint, lights, racks or other fixtures; and then there are bigger changes like changing or adding tiles, creating a countertop, changing the bathtub, toilet or the shower etc.

So, let’s get started with these ideas mentioned below to light up your bathroom, and change it into a cool and relaxing space.

Top 5 Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

1. Work on your tiles

The first noticeable thing in any bathroom is the tiles. Tiles can either make or break the look of your bathroom. Choosing the right kind of color and design helps a great deal in making your bathroom look attractive. Focus on areas that make a high-impact like a floor.

You could also get a little creative and place the tiles in horizontal or vertical aspect along the wall and paint the rest of the area with a contrast color. You can also use some kind of artistic tiles that will make the bathroom look luxurious.

2. Paint

Next most important noteworthy thing in your bathroom is the paint. Make sure to choose lighter shades as they help in making your bathroom look brighter and bigger.

Also, remember to match it with the pattern and color of tiles that you are using in the bathroom. Giving a fresh coat of paint to your bathroom is the most effective way of remodeling and givingit a new look.

Another thing to consider while selecting the paint is moisture. Since mold is easily developed in a bathroom given the changes in humidity quite often, you must consider investing in a paint that will provide a satin finish, not only on the walls but also over the ceiling.

3. Invest in Counter Tops/ storage boxes

Countertops are another very important aspect of making the bathroom look lush. Granite countertops are a popular trend these days. Opt for neutral colors like beige or tan; anything in shades of brown, blue or grey works best.

You can also add some additional storage boxes or showcases if you have space in your bathroom. This not only makes your bathroom look bigger and luxurious but also helps you in storing all the bathroom utilities and accessories at a single place.

Another latest trend is to DIY the storage boxes or countertops all by yourself. So, you can also let your creativity flow in remodeling your bathroom and giving it a fresh or funky look based in your choice.

4. Lighting

Lighting is a most important factor that works best in making your bathroom look brighter. Choose the right kind of lights and place them at the right spots for a brighter looking bathroom.Plus, having adjustable lights is quite important, so also consider having dimmers in the lighting.

Ceiling lightsoffer great illumination; also, some lights in the vanity area, above the mirror or on either side help a lot. You may also want to add some strip lighting under or over the cabinets.

5. Other important accessories/equipment

Next, look at all the other details that aid in giving your bathroom that elegant and sophisticated look. You can add a little more funk to your bathroom by updating sink faucets, fresh shower racks, curtains, towel racks, heated towel rails, towel radiators, drawer knobs, designer radiators etc.

These items though might seem insignificant, work a great deal in giving your washroom a better look. When remodeling your bathroom, consider opting low-flow toilets and shower heads as they aid conserving water.

Final Word

These are some of the ideas that you can implement to remodel a bathroom. With a little planning and ideas from this article, you will be all set to remodel your bathroom into a new one.

Prepare a list of things you want to get done and get going.It’s time to get creative.

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