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Top 5 reasons why your business needs an Asbestos survey

29th May 18 10:22 am

Here they are

Asbestos is made up of six minerals that occur naturally as bundles of fibers. These fibers can be separated to form thin, durable threads and could be used in industrial applications. The bundles of fibers are resistant to chemicals and heat, and cannot conduct electricity.

Due to these properties, asbestos is used in different industrial processes. However, besides the benefits, there are serious risks associated with asbestos that could affect people’s health. An asbestos survey, therefore, is necessary to keep your business environment safe from harmful effects of asbestos.

Here is why you need to consider doing regular surveys:

Manage Asbestos at the workplace

Due to the health risks associated with asbestos, it’s essential to have your business premises inspected for any trace of asbestos that could have reached harmful levels. Exposure to respirable asbestos fibers could cause different health problems.

When experts come to inspect your business, their effort leads them to know if there are fibers that are not visible that might pose a health hazard. It is something you would not determine unless you are an expert in asbestos surveys with the tools required to make the process a success.

Know the location, amount and condition of Asbestos

The fact that asbestos is still used in different industries shows that its condition is the most significant risk factor. That is why it’s crucial to have asbestos surveys to determine if the status of the asbestos is extreme and would cause harm to people around. This process also exposes the amount and location of the asbestos that should be removed to shield people from its harmful effects.

Determine if remedial action is needed

After the amount and location of the asbestos has been known, the next thing is to know if there are remedial measures that have to be conducted to either the material or those working in the premises.

It’s important to know when the material needs to be removed because having it in deteriorated condition could increase the risk of exposure to its harmful effects, so an asbestos survey will provide reliable data about the measures that need to be taken to enhance safety.

Identify asbestos before demolition

If there are structures you want to demolish in your business, it’s essential to inspect the amount of asbestos that could be disturbed. Any asbestos found should be removed before the demolition work to ensure it is not spread to surrounding areas where it could pose health risks to people.

Prevent Asbestos-related diseases

Some diseases are caused by asbestos fibers that you should prevent by having your premises inspected to reveal risk factors. The symptoms of the diseases caused by asbestos may remain hidden for many years of exposure.

You need to see a doctor when you have symptoms of chest tightness and pain, coughing blood or sputum, shortness of breath, persistent cough, loss of appetite, fatigue, and weight loss.

Your business premises should be safeguarded from all forms of risks. One of the things you need to do to ensure safety in your premises is to have asbestos surveys done regularly to reveal any traces of asbestos that might expose people to the health risks. Expert inspectors can identify asbestos whose condition is not fit to be installed in places where humans work.

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