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Top 13 places to find an english speaking partner online

15th Mar 17 1:23 pm

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It can be very tough to learn English as a new language, especially if you cannot find someone around to practice it with within your immediate community. But the good news is that there are several sites online where you can find partners to practice speaking English with, so as to learn faster. This article will outline 13 of those sites and you are free to choose anyone that you fancy.

1. Skype Tutors

Several English tutors use Skype to teach English to their students. It is carried out over the Internet and is very useful when your teacher lives far away from you. Since there are several people who are teaching English on Skype, it is advisable that you search for a very good teacher before hiring. The price depends on the teacher and you will have to iron that out with him/her.

2. Video Game Voice Chat

 There are several games today that have voice which allow you to speak with others using a headset. A great way to gain confidence is by joining the interaction, irrespective of your English level. Since you are not seeing them face-to-face, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Also, listen and analyze keenly how the native English speakers talk. Here the price is free, except for the game.

3. Preply

To find a native English speaker online, Preply can be your go-to. The platform helps you have access to real life English partners online. Also, if you want to teach another person your language Preply allows you do that.

4. The Fluent in 3 Month Forum

Fluent in 3 Months is a free and effective website that offers valuable advice and assistance to people who want to learn a new language. The best part of this site is that you will find someone who is learning your language and you guys can meet up.

5. Livemocha

This is one of the biggest community of people who are interested in learning languages online. The lessons, and exercises are free and you can also get study partners here. It is one website that teaches English in a more organized manner. It is free you don’t have pay anything.

6. Conversation Exchange

This free service allows you to search for an email pen pal online, so that you can be exchanging emails in English. What is more- they help you search for individuals who can speak with you with a voice chat as well as find native speakers near you. 

7. Toastmasters

This is a club where individuals can register to learn how to speak effectively in public. Here you will not learn English, but you will learn how to speak it. You will have to speak English in front of people and this can boost your confidence. It has several clubs and the price varies according to the club you sign up for.

8. Go Speaky

This is a free program that you can either download or register online to connect with a native English speaker online. It has a video chat that allows you find people to speak with, depending on your interests.

9. Busuu

Price: Basic membership is free. Premium membership prices vary.

Busuu has over 50 million native English speakers who are willing and ready to help you by becoming your partner.  You can also search for a native English speaker who is learning your language on Busuu. Registering for basic membership is free, but you have to pay for premium membership.

10. Lingoglobe 

At Lingoglobe you can find language exchange partners. While the community is smaller than the others, it still has several people who are willing to meet and learn.

11. Coeffee 

Coeffee is a free website that teaches several languages including English by using games. There are several games here that will teach you how to speak well and choose phrases correctly. There are several people that you can connect and learn with while playing fun games.

12. Coffee Strap

This website is aptly named because it is very friendly. It is also a small website that smartly matches you to find a native English speaker online that will help you speak English fluently in a relaxed way. The conversations last for about 7 minutes after which you exchange partners.

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