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Toasty troublemakers: How heat treatments leave bed bugs out in the cold

by Sarah Dunsby
12th Mar 24 5:36 pm

Homeowners as well as pest control professionals together are always looking for the most effective and successful methods for getting out bed bugs in their never-ending struggle against them. A particular approach which has been gaining traction in the extermination field? Thermal therapies! Through paying attention to the pests during every step of their life span cycle, these procedures are somewhat quite successful in removing Bed Bug infestations, as demonstrated by Lyuben Kiryakov from Bed Bug Specialist.

Therefore why are thermal therapy treatments becoming increasingly common at this moment in time? It ultimately boils down to the degree to which sensitive bed bugs are to temperature. These annoying creatures quite literally cannot withstand the extreme temperatures. Bed bugs are toast when they come into contact with temperatures higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit. And not that excellent cheesy kind of thing.

In addition, adult bed bugs, however, are affected by the extreme temperatures. High temperatures additionally result in the eggs and nymphs—which remain renowned for being hard to kill with standard insecticides—to perish. Because of this, it is likely heat treatments constitute the most comprehensive method to successfully get rid of the infestation of bed bugs and ensure that none of the survivors will be left to ruin your peaceful night’s sleep.

In the realm of bed bug extermination methods, heat treatments are highly effective at eradicating infestations by targeting bed bugs at all stages of their life cycle said Lyuben Kiryakov from Bed Bug Specialist. Without the appropriate equipment and expertise, trying to maintain your residence at the right temperature could prove dangerous and ultimately useless. On top of that, even though you enjoy this particular sort of stuff, you probably won’t want to unintentionally convert your sleeping area into a steam room.

Expert insect management firms heat your residence until it reaches the exact temperature recommended to kill bed bugs, making sure that all of the corners and nooks have been warmed to potentially fatal levels with specially designed equipment. This focused technique minimises the probability of harm happening to the items you own while making sure the complete destruction of bed bugs.

However, thermal processes have further advantages. Treatments with heat are a more secure choice for you, members of your household, and the animals in your home due to the fact that they don’t include any chemicals, unlike requirements insecticides that sometimes leave behind dangerous consequences. Furthermore, thermal treatments can sometimes be quicker and more successful than other approaches, which means that you may quickly bid your bed bug problem farewell.

As a result, don’t be concerned too much—well, potentially a little—if you learn that you’re suffering from a bed bug infestation. Just keep in the knowledge that applying treatment with heat is an extremely reliable and efficient way to get rid of all of these unwanted visitors. You may feel confident knowing that your property is clear of bed bugs when you have the appropriate experts on your side

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