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Tips for making a beautiful and pocket friendly bouquet

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14th Oct 19 4:19 pm

It is common knowledge that anyone can call a flower shop and order a bouquet sent to a loved one, or someone in hospital. Prices range from expensive peonies to relatively cheap carnations, but what about all the flowers in between?

The most difficult ocassion to buy flowers for is probably a wedding. Couples on a tight budget face daunting challenges when it comes to decor and flowers are a critical element of this.

Flowers set the mood and scene at a wedding. How, then, can you ensure that you do not break the bank while ensuring the wedding flower arrangements are stunning and  memorable?

Also, friends and family may want to send flowers to the happy couple but, even here, budgets are tight. There are flower shops to suit every taste and budget in London; the trick is knowing where to go.

Here are some tips that will help you get beautiful flowers without leaving a hole in your bank balance.

Less is more

Sometimes, a simple arrangement, creatively located, can be just as impressive as a hugedisplay. A simple way to cut down on costs is to get the basics; the bridal bouquet, boutonnieres and an arrangement for the altar.

Order online

Most flower wholesalers these days give customers the option to order online. This option is cheaper but you’ll have to trim and arrange the flowers yourself.

Move with the flowers

Instead of having separate arrangements for the ceremony and the reception, there’s nothing to stop you from moving the flowers from the ceremony to the reception. There’s the added labour of rearranging, but there will certainly be lots of willing hands.

Use wild flowers

If you’re having a Spring or Summer wedding, you can take advantage of the wide variety of flowers that grow naturally all over England. All that’s needed is a walk through the fields with a basket and imagination. Daisy Spray and Solidago are beautiful flowers that  commonly grow wild.

Go for cheaperfFlowers

Carnations are cheap flowers that sometimes get unfair ratings. Mixed in with roses, which are also great budget flowers, the arrangements will give bursts of colour and mixed, plesant scents.

Share flowers

Find out if there’s a  wedding on the same day as yours, but at a different time. You can then discuss with the couple if you can share the flower arrangements and split the costs. This will definitely call for some compromises, but could save you a pile.

Mix and match

A great and creative way to have a great flower arrangement is to mix the flowers with lots of greenery. Instead of the arrangements looking rather thin, every piece is heavy, and the greenery helps the colours stand out.

Have a festive season wedding

During Easter and at Christmastime, the churches are already heavily decorated for the season, so you can take advantage of this and concentrate on the bridal bouquet and boutonnieres.

Have a garden wedding

This type of wedding is becoming very popular. Not only is the setting outdoors, but a flower garden already has the mood set. A garden wedding also absolves the couple from the guilt that is attached to the feeling of wastage that goes with getting rid of the flowers after the wedding. An alternative to this is a beach wedding, which can be pretty simple but with a beautiful setting. Garden and beach weddings also have an unexpected advantage in that the guest list can be pared down to manageable numbers.

Have a no-flowers wedding!

Yes, this is an option! However, the ceremony need not be bland and dreary. Candle arrangements and other decorations create an atmosphere of their own. The trick is to be creative. Remember, you’re trying to save money; no one wants to start a new home with their finances in the red!

Go for silk flowers

Silk flowers give you great variety and save you money. You can choose colours and arrangements that you could not achieve with real flowers. Another plus for going silk is that the flowers last practically forever. You can even shop around for used silk flowers and buy them – then, after your wedding, sell them again!


It is given wisdom that the big day belongs to the bride and the bridal bouquet should get particular attention.  In general, weddings can be expensive affairs and planning them, even when you’ve hired a wedding planner, can be a major headache. Fights break out over the venue, catering, decor, cake – virtually everything. Careful planning is key. The happy couple must agree in advance on what they want. Flowers create a beautiful atmosphere and set the mood, so great care and attention should be taken to produce this effect within the budget.

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