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Time vs. money: New study reveals the most hated chores in Britain

15th May 17 10:27 am

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Decorating is the most hated chore in Britain, according to new research by Make It Cheaper. A survey, carried out by the utilities saving experts, quizzed the nation to discover more about Brits’ attitudes towards employing someone to do jobs they could easily do themselves.

When it comes to the most hated jobs that Brits have to do regularly, decorating came out on top; over half of UK residents (51 per cent) confess to having a disdain for painting, wallpapering and stripping walls.

The top five most hated chores in the UK are:

  • Decorating (51 per cent)
  • Cleaning (47 per cent)
  • DIY (42 per cent)
  • Gardening (41 per cent)
  • Ironing (40 per cent)

The research also found that time-poor Brits are more likely to pay an expert to carry out ‘everyday’ jobs for them, with well over one-third of the nation (39 per cent) admitting to paying skilled professionals to carry out day to day chores for them every month.

When it comes to the gender split, men are more likely to pay someone to wash their car than women – one in three men (32 per cent) wish they could pay someone to clean their motor, while more than half of women (59 per cent) would prefer to save their money and do it themselves.

Interestingly, the survey revealed that managing finances was one chore Brits won’t dish out, as only eight per cent of Brits say they would trust someone enough to manage their personal finances.

Polling over 1,000 UK residents, the results also revealed the most popular jobs that Brits wished existed, with services for hangover cures (24 per cent) and waiting on hold (36 per cent) amongst the most popular. Among some of the other interesting results, the survey found that Brits want to employ people to de-ice their cars in winter & help with kids’ homework.

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