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Three ways a virtual call center can help to scale your business

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22nd May 19 3:47 pm

According to a recent survey, 60 percent of C-level firms plan to increase investments in artificial intelligence (AI) by 50 percent from last year to cater to growing customer demands. With growing technological advancements, more customers expect omnichannel and independent options for customer service.

As a result, call centers must scale their business and adapt their approach to customer service to meet today’s best practices. For call centers looking to scale their business, virtual call center software is ideal for promoting growth.

Expanded customer base

Although 75 percent of customers agree that human agents offer better customer service than AI, 76 percent of those customers still prefer having the option to interact through digital channels like email and webchat.

Surprisingly, few businesses currently offer up-to-date, user-friendly omnichannel options for customer service. Therefore, offering the option to interact via multiple channels gives you a significant advantage over the competition. It creates an improved customer experience for current customers while driving in new customers.

Investing in virtual call center software allows companies to balance cost and efficiency, while creating a stream of self-service options for customers. Examples of self-service tools include a video library of tutorials, virtual agents, and online troubleshooting guides. Self-service tools ultimately offer customers more independence to address potential problems.

Increased agent productivity

In 2017, web chat was the fastest growing channel in customer service. In the same year, chatbot service options were offered by less than two percent of all businesses. Today, chatbots are the new standard in the customer experience, with nearly half of all large businesses planning to implement chatbots by the end of the year.

Virtual call center software creates omnichannel options to save businesses money and allow agents to devote their attention to helping individual customers however they choose to connect. Integrating an interactive voice response (IVR) system into your call center’s service approach will further reduce the resources required to help customers resolve simple issues.

IVR systems use dual-tone-multi-frequency (DTMF) tones on the phone keyboard to route customer calls. Many companies offer natural language processing IVRs, which can create a seamless self-service customer experience. Since customers can easily resolve issues using DTMF, agents will be able to devote more attention toward helping individual customers solve more complex issues.

Using inbound call center software, inbound calls are routed to the most qualified agents. This allows agents to work more efficiently while handling customer interactions. In turn, hold times are reduced and customers are left more satisfied.

Quality management

Quality management plays an important role in the success of any business. Some cloud call center software tools track quality management and agent performance to ensure consistency in the quality of customer service across multiple channels. This provides key insights and metrics in place of fractured data from individual channels.

While IVR systems can be used for data collection and announcements, they also facilitate team-wide reporting and coaching. IVR’s built-in knowledge base also provides customer satisfaction measurements, which reveal areas where your call center can improve.

In the digital age, the success of any call center depends on offering an exceptional customer experience. Virtual call center software can encourage the success of any call center by promoting growth in both size and volume.

Call center software makes it possible to offer omnichannel options to create a better customer service experience, boost agent productivity, and provide the tools needed to assess quality management.

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