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Thousands to ditch diesel cars for cleaner alternatives

9th May 17 3:27 pm

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Thousands of diesel car owners are already looking to ditch their vehicles to buy newer, cleaner alternatives before the value of their car plummets. This is according to figures from car buying website Motorway.co.uk.

Based on thousands of online valuations made in April, more than half (56 per cent) of enquiries came from UK diesel car owners.

Figures for those in London enquiring were even higher, those in the capital are question their car ownership choices. A huge 58 per cent of all London enquiries on Motorway.co.uk last month were to do with diesel vehicles.

The surge in enquiries follows the news from London mayor Sadiq Khan who stated that he will bring forward the introduction of a low-emission zone in April 2019 and increase congestion charges for high-polluting cars. As well as this the government has hinted at a diesel car scrappage scheme.

The survey by Motorway.co.uk. also revealed that 18.9 per cent of diesel owners said they will be looking to sell their car over the next 12 months to avoid paying additional taxes.

Alex Buttle, director of Motorway.co.uk, said: “Diesel car owners have been hit with a triple whammy of bad news. The proposed UK-wide toxin tax, the early introduction of a London ultra-low emission zone and the probability that the Government will implement a diesel scrappage scheme, has left diesel car owners questioning their choice of ownership.

“We have not seen a major fall in diesel car valuations on our website just yet, but the surge we have seen in diesel selling suggests the market will quickly become saturated. Coupled with falling demand for ‘dirty diesels’, this means a price drop is inevitable. This has already happened in Germany, where similar diesel regulations led to a 19 per cent drop in the average price of diesel cars this year.”

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