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This is Britain’s most iconic t-shirt

by LLB Reporter
23rd Oct 18 8:19 am

Mick Jagger fans rejoice, The Rolling Stones’ ‘tongue and lips’ logo has been identified as the most iconic t-shirt of all time, according to a new survey from dry wash spray, Day2.

Taking second place in the study is the famous Che Guevara t-shirt, which depicts the face of Argentinan-born revolutionary Ernesto Che. The Hard Rock Café tee, with the logo originally created by artist Alan Aldridge, was voted the third most symbolic.

The survey of 2,000 respondents, conducted by the world’s first dry wash spray for clothes, Day2, also found that for almost half (44%) of the nation, the humble tee is their favourite item of clothing. Whether it’s sportswear, embellished tops or basics, Brits buy five new tees a year and wear their favourite on average five times a month. However, one in six (16%) Brits admit to buying a completely new tee rather than washing one they own.

We are emotionally attached too, as a third (33%) of those surveyed say their t-shirts hold lots of important memories for them, and 36% feel sad if they have to get rid of one that has been given to them by a loved one. Another one in three (34%) still wear their favourite t-shirts even when they have holes in or are damaged. Day2 is the new saviour for your wardrobe, doubling the life of tees and other garments that are easily damaged through over washing by allowing more wears in-between washes.

The nation’s laundry habits have also been revealed, with the average Brit typically wearing a t-shirt only twice before washing it. Furthermore, Brits put an average of three washes of clothing on per week and spend 43 minutes a week ironing their clothes – which equates to more than 10 billion clothes washes carried out annually in the UK and more than 103 million hours a year spent de-creasing garments collectively.

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