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Things to keep in mind when choosing a hotel on a trip to Glasgow

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18th Apr 19 12:41 pm

With its sassy new haunts located along the Clyde, Glasgow has the features to match its hyped rebellious streak. This spectacular beautiful city in Scotland represents a modern place with an array of great tourist destinations. It houses some of the iconic tourism destinations and hotels—making it a must-visit destination if you are planning to go for a holiday. So, if you plan to visit Glasgow, you need to plan your journey well. One of the most important things you should determine early is where to stay and dine. With that in mind, here are top things you should consider when choosing a hotel in Glasgow.


The location should be your top priority when choosing a hotel in Glasgow. The hotel you choose should be close to the places you want to visit. Plus, it should be near a major airport. In addition, the road network near the hotel should be good. Ensure there is a good means of transport to and fro the hotel.

Available amenities

Does the hotel have a gym? Is there a restaurant in the hotel? Does it house a regular bar? What about a spa? These are the questions you should ask yourself before choosing glasgow hotels – myhotelbreak.com. Plus, a good hotel should have Wi-Fi.  Other amenities to look for in a hotel include elevators, bellhops, and bathrooms.

Customer reviews

A good hotel should have good, positive reviews. So, go online. Read the reviews from past clients. Ask the hotel for testimonials.

Free wi-Fi

Don’t go to a hotel that charges for Wi-Fi. When choosing a hotel, don’t assume that Wi-Fi is offered for free. Ask first. Contact their representatives. Avoid surprises. Cancellation Policy

Emergencies do occur. So, it’s better to go to a hotel that has a good cancellation policy. Will they refund your money in case you decide to cancel your stay there?

Room Size

Room size is important. Nobody would like to spend their vacation in a small room. Plus, if you are traveling with your family, you should secure a hotel with a big room. So, don’t just book any hotel without enquiring about the room size. Read reviews—you can find resourceful information about room size in the hotel of your choice.

Specific needs

You are unique. Your needs are specific. Maybe, you have a pet you’d like to bring along with you. Therefore, it’s important to know if the hotel has any restrictions regarding your pet. Do they allow pets?

The bottom-line

You’ve traveled all the way to Glasgow and you need the comfort, right? You need to enjoy and relax. Well, it starts with where you stay. The hotel you choose determines the success of your trip. Don’t just go to any hotel. Choose one that suits your needs. Think in terms of distance and location. Go for a hotel that offers free Wi-Fi. The hotel you choose should have enough amenities. The room size should be sufficient. Happy holidaying!

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