The workplace fling may be long dead – the average office romance now lasts four years


According to new research

Almost half of Brits admit to engaging in a workplace romance according to new Monster research, which revealed 44 per cent of us have been involved with a colleague at some point during our careers. However the notion of the workplace fling may be long dead – the average office romance now lasts four years.

Despite that, a third of Brits (33%) still say they regret becoming involved with a colleague, with having to suffer inappropriate comments (12%) and feeling unprofessional (11%) two of the top reasons cited.

The research also highlighted that the younger generation are less likely to have an office romance. Only a third (33%) of 16 – 24 year olds admit to having one, compared to 55 per cent of 35-44 year olds, who were the most likely age group to have had an office dalliance.

Tips for a successful office romance

  • Be VERY certain. Before entering into a relationship with a work colleague think carefully and be sure you have a connection that will last outside the office.
  • Maintain meticulous professionalism. This one is self-explanatory – do not let what is going on in your personal life impact the quality of your work, or how you interact with your colleagues.
  • Read the small print. Many companies now have policies in place around dating co-workers. Check if your company has one, and make sure you know where you stand if it does.
  • Try to date on your level. Getting involved with a colleague in a vastly higher or lower position could cause all sorts of issues later down the line.
  • No PDA. Ever. Make sure all the romance is happening where it should, outside of the office and far away from your colleagues.