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The ways that CBD supports wellness

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3rd Jul 20 1:15 pm

Your interest may be piqued because you’ve heard so many positive things about CBD. You may also be feeling a little overwhelmed over all of the choices out there. The CBD market is full of CBD products served up as tinctures, tablets, vaporizers, and gummies. There’s no need to feel confused about the potential perks gained by bringing some extra wellness support into your life. We’re breaking down the potential perks of CBD.

What Is CBD?

Let’s talk about what CBD is before diving into the many positive things associated with it. CBD’s full name is cannabidiol. You probably already know that CBD has been gaining mainstream popularity in recent years. Did you know that CBD is one of over 100 compounds found in the cannabis plant? The process of making CBD oil involves extracting cannabidiol from the cannabis plant.

CBD is not psychoactive. That means that it’s a different thing entirely from marijuana cannabis plants. It’s a new day for many people who are finding wellness support from CBD. Let’s look closer at five ways that CBD is enhancing wellness for so many!


Humans have been using cannabis to manage little aches and pains for centuries. Research suggests that CBD is effective at reducing discomfort because of the ways it addresses swelling and interacts with neurotransmitters. In fact, one specific study done with rats showed that CBD injections reduced discomfort response during surgical incisions. Other rat studies have shown that oral usage reduced swelling and nerve discomfort. Studies conducted with humans also show some promising results. CBD appears to be particularly useful at addressing minor discomfort associated with some conditions.


Many people are turning to CBD as an alternative for managing stress without using medications. It is believed that CBD’s usefulness with serotonin receptors in the brain could be behind its effectiveness. CBD is currently used to address stress-related symptoms by many people.

The possible acne connection

Getting beautiful skin isn’t about taking one miracle product; it is about living a healthy lifestyle, but there is some evidence that CBD is useful  with acne. In studies, CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties help reduce sebum production, which is linked with acne. You can look for CBD gummies for sale online to get started and see if it works out in any way for you.

Inflammation support

CBD may be on your radar if you know about the effects of inflammation on the body. Research done using CBD on the body seems to point to the idea that CBD is a real powerhouse for addressing both sudden and long-term swelling. CBD apparently reacts to receptors in the body that mediate things like sensory perception, soreness and body temperature.


Nothing is more disruptive to a person’s quality of life than poor sleep! Could CBD be sleep’s best friend? Studies are linking CBD’s ability to reduce discomfort and stress by helping with sleep quality. That’s good news for anyone looking for a sleep aid for restless nights.

We’re still learning about the many promising effects of CBD

These five perks of CBD only scratch the surface. Emerging research is showing that CBD may be beneficial in addressing wellness! That’s good news for anyone seeking wellness in a simple, easy-to-use form.

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