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The top 10 European universities with the highest-paid graduates

19th Aug 16 11:57 am

Full list revealed

University of St. Gallen Switzerland’s graduates are the highest paid, a study by emolument.com has found.

London Business School is the top-paid university in the UK, with a median salary of £102,000.

Alice Leguay, co-founder of Emolument.com, said: “The question of return on investment is at the forefront of most students’ mind when they look to enroll on a course.

“Being mindful that masters’ fees tend to be higher than bachelor’s, they clearly drive high pay levels upon graduation. Some universities also see a high proportion of their students start their careers in the high paying financial sector, with a clear aim: pay off their debts and polish off their formal education with hands on experience before moving to other horizons.”

1. University of St. Gallen Switzerland £160,000

2. University of Zurich Switzerland £140,000

3. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich Switzerland £135,000

4. Zurich University of Applied Science Switzerland £127,000

5. London Business School UK £102,000

6. HEC Paris France £97,000

7. MINES ParisTech France £91,000

8. Ecole Polytechnique France £88,000

9. ESLSCA Business School France £86,000

10. London School of Economics UK £85,000

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