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The most definitive way to estimate the cost of moving in 2021

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6th Sep 21 2:15 pm

When a person decides to move, the very first question that comes to his/her mind is what will be the approximate cost of moving. Moving from one place to another requires a lot of hard work as well as a lot of money. The event is quite stressful which makes you get out of money in no time. There are a few mantras that help you to cope with the stress which are a positive mindset, sufficient budget, and preparation. And out of these, having a sufficient budget is most necessary else you might find yourself in a big problem later. You can always use a moving cost calculator by iMoving to make sure you have clear idea of the costs involved in moving. However, there are always more ways of doing so.

Preparing your moving finance plan

To prepare the finances for moving, you need to determine the different estimated costs of things like traveling cost, meal, transportation cost, truck rental, mover’s cost, and so on. Not the costs of all the moves are the same and it depends on many factors. The two most important factors which determine the cost are the volume of stuff and the distance to travel.

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Distance: Distance is always one of the most crucial factors that determine the total charges of a moving process. Though in local moves, distance does not matter a lot but in long-distance moves, it matters the most. The transportation cost will increase with the increased distance as the fuel consumption will increase.

Types of belongings to transport:  Professionals charge differently for different types of items like in case if you have special items to move like piano then the estimated cost of the move will be higher. This is because, for different types of items, you need a different type of packing paper and some special items also require some special tools to transport. These things increase the cost of transporting such items and that is the reason why movers charge higher to transport different items.

The reputation of moving organisation: Even when you require the same services, the different moving companies can cost you different for the same move and the reason behind it is the quality of the services an organisation provides. For sure, if you are dealing with a bigger brand of the market then you have to pay extra but you will get peace of mind because you are dealing with the right organisation.

The volume of household goods: The cost also depends on the volume of stuff one has to shift from one place to a destination. Depending on the size of your home, the more stuff you will have to move, the more you should be ready to pay movers. The size of a home gives you an idea that how much stuff a home could possess but it could be different also.

Complexity in the moving process: The existing obstacles in the moving process which makes it slower and hard to do can increase the moving cost. To determine this, consider the peculiarities of both the pick-up and drop-off location. If there are small doorways, lots of stairs included, and another physical constraint to shift items then movers charge according to that. Apart from this, if an individual requires some special services then again the cost will rise according to services taken.

The time you decide to move: Yes, the time when you move also increases or decreases the charges. If you are moving in the peak season when there is a high demand for movers then of course the movers can ask you for any amount to pay while on the other hand, if you are flexible with the timeline then they are more likely to give you offers and discounts.

Insurance or liability coverage: When you are signing a contract with a moving organisation then you get the basic coverage for free but for complete protection of your home belongings you can buy insurance for these. So, according to the insurance plan you choose, you have to pay the cost.

Vehicle type you choose: The charges are also dependent on the vehicle type you choose like if you prefer a shared truck then you can easily reduce the cost but in this, you may have to wait for long because a shared truck will contain items from more than one household. While on the other hand, if you want a dedicated truck and you are in hurry to ship items then you will be required to pay an additional amount for it.


A move can disturb your financial condition at any time. Even when you have estimated the cost of each and everything still it is recommended you stay flexible in budget. A move always requires more money than the estimated one. So you should always consider more amount to spend than the estimated one so that you don’t suffer from any problem later on. But luckily this guide will give you a more precise cost that you require to move successfully

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