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The main rules of successful gaming at online slots Ireland

by Sarah Dunsby
6th Dec 22 3:00 pm

Both experienced players and newcomers to online casinos ask the same question: “How do I win at online slots Ireland?” And if a beginner cherishes the hope that he really will be helped to solve all his problems overnight, the inveterate player is more likely to chuckle to himself.

How to play to win at online casinos?

The realities of the gambling industry are such that no one wins all the time. None of the existing strategies increases the player’s chances of winning because the casino advantage is embedded in the algorithms of the games themselves, all the software and all the online slots Ireland. And at the same time, following some of the rules of successful online casino games, the player can get pleasure from the game.

Let’s look at the main types of online slots Ireland. The most popular games are releases with 5 reels. All combinations on the screen appear in a sequence set by a random number generator. This program guarantees the integrity of the gameplay and the impossibility of adjusting it in their interests, both from the institution and from the player.

If the slot is included in the network with a progressive jackpot, then be prepared to give a small percentage of your bet to the total prize fund each time you start the reels. This scheme makes it possible to win huge sums.

Overview of special symbols

The rules of a successful game come down to the player’s understanding of the mechanism of the game. A single slot can have a whole set of unique special characters. So, the most common are Scatters. Their main feature is the possibility of Scatter on all reels, regardless of the line. The appearance of three of these symbols means a win for the player and the subsequent payment. The more symbols – the higher the winnings. And in these online slots Ireland, the total bet is taken into account. Often the appearance of three or more Scatters initiates the start of a bonus game or offers several free spins.

The second special symbol is Wild. This is useful, as its appearance means the possibility of replacing the missing sign in the combination, except for the bonus picture or a Scatter.

Overview of bonus games

During a bonus game at most online slots Ireland, the player is given the right to choose between several free spins or a bonus game. The choice in favor of one or the other – it’s a personal matter of the player. During the spins, the winnings are paid to the player at an increased rate, while the bonus game involves colorful levels with increasing prizes for the successful transition through the levels. These subtleties add variety and zest to the gameplay.

The higher the payout percentage in a particular slot, the greater the chance of winning for the player it assumes. It’s perfectly logical that experienced players choose slots, guided by this feature. But the reality of the game is that the huge competition on the market has reduced all the differences in the slots to approximately the same payout percentage. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you choose to play the slots. Most of them are produced by Microgaming, RTG, Playtech, and other reliable providers, which predetermine the same payouts in all games.

The only option to increase your chances of a higher payout percentage is to forgo the progressive jackpot. The whole point is that every wager on slots with a connected progressive jackpot involves paying a certain percentage to the jackpot fund. If you do not believe in your prospects of winning the latter, then this subtlety will help to slightly increase your payout percentage.


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