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The greatest advantages of cloud computing for companies

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12th Dec 20 1:21 pm

Cloud computing is already a reality in both the global and American markets. The extensive series of advantages that this technology uses in the companies bring leads to understand why this market has become attractive so quickly and intensely. There are several types of cloud computing, and they all immediately make life easier for users and IT managers. It is not for nothing that this technology went from a trend to a concrete reality in a few years, being used in the market in all segments.

Let’s see what benefits have made this kind of innovative service so inviting!

More agility in technological changes

If a company has its servers in its own data center, being managed by a local IT team, and decides to make a change, whether a geographic or technological update of the servers, this becomes an extremely complex service that consumes much time and can cause problems. Updating a server that is installed in the cloud is very practical. Technicians can quickly and remotely perform all system configurations, and the new scenario is up and running in no time. They are also freed from concerns about the technological upgrading of the hardware, as the service provider is in charge of providing the best environment to meet customers’ needs.

Scalability in the use of services

It is not uncommon for a company server to reach its maximum capacity as the business grows. When this happens, IT needs to convince the board of the need for new hardware expenses, and while the new installation does not occur, users suffer from slow and flawed systems. One of the most significant advantages when using the cloud is scalability. Thanks to this characteristic, upgrades and downgrades occur in an easy way, allowing the maintenance of servers at their ideal capacity—no more complaints about hardware problems that often occur during the upgrade process.

Cost reduction with internal infrastructure

Keeping servers, data centers, and several professionals available to take care of the IT infrastructure’s functioning can be a high cost for the company, which, although very important, could be invested in investments in the organisation’s primary activity. With the use of cloud computing, practically all equipment that previously occupied time and space becomes expendable. The care with the infrastructure can be fully passed on to those who offer the services. Several employees can be allocated to other functions that seek innovation and vision of the future. In addition, cloud computing allows the contractor to configure their servers according to their demand and pay only for the resources they choose. If we talk about cloud servers from the perspective of saving operational costs, then we cannot ignore Kronos.

Kronos is one of the most popular cloud servers. This cloud server can manage a series of communications from the data center, server, and database. One of Kronos’s striking advantages is that it is cost-effective and ideal for achieving workforce management goals without adding to budgets or demands on IT staff. With Kronos, companies can control all data activity at multiple IP addresses. Kronos is provided by Heficed, a cloud server provider company. The company offers support 24 hours and 7 days a week, a 14-day warranty, Full API Access, 6 Global Data Center Locations, and many more.

Availability at all times, especially in critics

The chance of downtime in IT services due to infrastructure failures is very low when using cloud computing solutions. Several protections and good practices are applied to prevent this type of situation, such as backups, redundant electrical and network structures and geographic distribution of servers, which minimise the possibility of interruption of service.

Cloud computing for business generates sustainability

Currently, many companies have already adhered to the idea of ​​sustainability. Because it does not require the use of many of its own equipment, cloud computing for companies brings many sustainability benefits, such as energy savings, space savings, less need for cooling systems, reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, among others. All the needs of large servers are centralised and use the best technologies available on the market, which optimise resources’ consumption and minimise the impact on the planet.

Greater information security

Any company that does not take strong care of your data’s security will be subject to unimaginable losses if people with malicious intent access them. The risk is heightened because the world of information security and its threats evolve rapidly. Therefore, the prevention work requires a specialised and always updated team. With cloud computing, security is increased by using firewalls, groups, and security zones organised in layers. Surveillance can be carried out by specialised professionals who are in charge of combating possible attempts at attacks. According to several surveys, the use of firewalls can reduce cyber attacks by up to 50%.

Resource usage management

Some companies’ still common reality is having an outdated internal data center and a series of equipment, cables, hubs, and poorly used switches. With this view, it is difficult to know the real usefulness of the resources. When migrating to the cloud, this problem no longer exists. The control of information about the contracted services is broad. Several indicators are available, making it possible to measure data on a large scale, helping in its decision-making.

These are the most significant characteristics when choosing to migrate to the cloud, especially when talking about Infrastructure (IaaS). Analysing the demand for a more strategic and less operational IT, the company can understand when it comes to going for this transition. With so many possibilities to add value to the business, cloud computing is a transformation that must be sought by those who want to differentiate themselves and be successful in the face of market competition. Interested in the gains that cloud computing will bring to your company? Then talk about your project with an expert

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