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Teachers flee UK classrooms for sunnier climate and higher salaries

by LLB staff reporter
18th Aug 23 6:35 am

UK teachers are seeking a less stressful and more lucrative working situation by teaching English abroad with a TEFL qualification.

As the recent teacher strikes have brought to our attention, UK teachers are overworked and underpaid. The simultaneous push of teacher strikes and below-par working conditions, along with the pull of low cost of living and lucrative careers in countries outside the UK, are the reasons for the ongoing exodus.

Rhyan O’Sullivan, Managing Director of The TEFL Academy, said, “Approximately 40% of our UK TEFL graduates have taught in the UK. And we shouldn’t be surprised that they are choosing to teach abroad instead.

“Teaching contracts abroad offer generous salaries coupled with lower-stress working schedules, especially in Middle Eastern countries. Many offer packages including flights and accommodation, making the high salaries even more valuable.” 

“TEFL-certified teachers with UK Qualified Teacher Status are able to ask for even higher salaries than other TEFL teachers – up to £40,000 a year.

“And when you consider the lower cost of living and tax-free wages, that figure is even more attractive. Doing a TEFL course shouldn’t be too taxing if you already have a teaching qualification and experience, so it can be completed in a few weeks.” Popular countries for UK TEFL teachers include Spain, China, South Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. Reasons for choosing to teach abroad include higher salaries, lower working hours, lower cost of living, and the travel experience.

While to some this move to teaching abroad is permanent, to many others it’s a short-term opportunity to save for a mortgage back home in the UK or just take a career break.

“Why should teachers work long hours for lower pay in the UK, when they could be earning good money in sunnier climes?.”

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