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Take a look at these crazy excuses made by employees when calling in sick

6th Feb 17 11:07 am

Have you ever faked sick days to get out of work?

Research was conducted by Powwownow, it found that 21 per cent of employees in the UK are likely to give a crazy reason for not being able to come into work.

The top excuses are:

  • “I can’t come in today; my dog is lonely.”
  • “I’ve got vertigo from the London Eye.”
  • “A bee got into my pants and stung me on the bum.”
  • “I was arrested after a wild night out.”
  • “My horoscope says work is bad for me this week.”
  • “My partner handcuffed me to the bed and then left with the key.”
  • “I couldn’t remember how to get to the office.”
  • “I’m having a fake-tan disaster.”
  • “I’m at A&E with my friend – they’ve had a sex accident.”
  • “The supermarket ran out of vegetables; now I’ve got scurvy.”

In the UK, the research also showed that a huge 38 per cent of women faked sick days, this is compared with just 21 per cent of men.

Jason Downes, MD of Powwownow said, “It’s interesting to see that so many Brits give bizarre excuses when calling in to work sick!”

“As an employer, I think it’s important that we encourage staff wellbeing, and ensure that they are motivated and encouraged to work and stay productive.”

“Through offering flexible working, and allowing staff to work remotely with hours that fit around their lifestyle, employees will be more motivated and less likely to call in sick.”

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