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Supply shortages closes major UK restaurant chain and stops Deliveroo orders

by LLB staff reporter
17th Aug 21 4:12 pm

Dozens of Nando’s restaurants across the UK have been forced to close with restrictions on Deliveroo orders due to staff self-isolating and supply issues.

Nando’s are experiencing PERi-PERi shortages and are unable to keep up with demand which has led to restaurants closing until they can “restock.”

A Nando’s spokesperson said on Twitter today, “We’re running limited services in some of our stores as teams are completing isolation periods.’

They added, “We’re sorry for any disappointment caused. Our suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand for PERi-PERi . Meaning that some of our restaurants had to temporarily close to restock.”

In another tweet Nando’s said, “The UK supply chain is having a bit of a mare right now. This is having a knock-on effect with some of our restaurants across England, Scotland and Wales.

“Not ideal, we know.

“We are doing everything we can to get the PERi-PERi back where it belongs – on your plates.”

Last week KFC warned of a chicken shortage and that some of their packaging “might look different” due to a shortage of 100,000 HGV drivers.

KFC has seen a shortage in cup lids, some packaging and other items, which could be due to the shortage of drives across the UK, although they have not as yet specified this.

A KFC spokesperson said, “As with so many other businesses across the country, recent disruption has meant some of our restaurants are facing a few shortages.

“Despite that, we’re still open and serving our iconic fried chicken – all thanks to our incredible team members. They’re doing a brilliant job keeping the fryers going, so please be kind to them.

“Our restaurants serve fresh, natural, quality chicken. If the recent disruption means that’s not delivered, some of our restaurants may need to make temporary changes to their menu.

“The eagle-eyed among you may also notice some of our packaging could look a little different too, but crucially, it’ll still be full of incredible chicken.”



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