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Sunak pledges new law to exonerate subpostmasters over the brutal ‘miscarriage of justice’

by LLB political Reporter
10th Jan 24 3:34 pm

The Prime Minister has said on Wednesday in the House of Commons that a new law will be introduced to exonerate hundreds of Post Office subpostmaster’s who were caught up in the Horizon IT scandal.

Rishi Sunak said that hundreds were victims in “one the greatest miscarriages of Justice” in history.

The Prime Minister told MPs in the Commons, “We will introduce new primary legislation to ensure that those convicted as a result of the Horizon scandal are swiftly exonerated and compensated.”

Sunak has said there will be a new upfront payment of £75,000 for the “vital” group who took action against the Post Office.

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During Prime Minister’s Questions Sunak said, “This is one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in our nation’s history.

“People who worked hard to serve their communities had their lives and their reputations destroyed through absolutely no fault of their own. The victims must get justice and compensation.”

Sunak said, “we will make sure the truth comes to light,” he added, “right the wrongs of the past.”

Matthew Haddow, Partner and Head of Forensic Accounting and Valuation Services at Menzies LLP has been working with a number of the Post Office victims for some time on the case.

He is an expert in financial investigations, fraud, and corruption investigations, he said, “It is of course positive to see that a swift payment is to be made to the victims of the Post Office scandal without delay and without condition.

“At a bare minimum, the sub post masters and mistresses should be awarded the earnings they would have enjoyed at the Post Office or elsewhere in their career to date, plus any legal and other fees incurred to get to this stage.

“Many have lost homes and enterprises that may have flourished in the years that have passed.

“This all sits aside from the significant distress and emotional hardship they have suffered over many years and the sums that were paid to the Post Office by the victims that are yet to be repaid.

“It is only right that the victims have all of these elements taken into consideration when assessing fair compensation.”

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