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Sunak delivered a blow as the Rwanda Bill only ‘provides a partial and incomplete solution’

11th Dec 23 1:45 pm

A panel of solicitors convened by campaign group of Conservative MPs have warned the Prime Minister Rishi Sunak that the new Rwanda treaty for asylum seekers does not go far enough.

The “star chamber” of solicitors have delivered a hammer blow to the Prime Minister on Monday, as the emergency legislation only “provides a partial and incomplete solution.”

Asylum seekers are using the British courts and the legal system along with the Human Rights Act to avoid being thrown out of the UK to Rwanda.

Tory MP Bill Cash who is leading the solicitors said of Sunak’s Rwanda Bill that “very significant amendments” are needed 24 hours before MPs are due to vote on legislation on Tuesday in Parliament.

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Tory tight wing factions represents around 100 MPs who discussed on Monday in a meeting the legal advice over the proposed Rwanda Bill, who were led by the European Research Group (ERG).

The ERG said in a summary, “The bill overall provides a partial and incomplete solution to the problem of legal challenges in the UK courts being used as stratagems to delay or defeat the removal of illegal migrants to Rwanda.

“The Prime Minister may well be right when he claims that this is the ‘toughest piece of migration legislation ever put forward by a UK Government,’ but we do not believe that it goes far enough to deliver the policy as intended.

“Resolving, comprehensively, the issues raised by this analysis would require very significant amendments, some of which would potentially be outside the current title’s scope, and the final bill would look very different.” 

Last week Sunak defended the government’s new Rwanda treaty after the Labour leader called the scheme a “gimmick.”

The Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer said that the asylum scheme is not making any progress which is costing “hundreds of millions of pounds for nothing in return.”

Sir Keir Starmer told MPs in the House of Commons, “If the purpose of the Rwanda gimmick was to solve a political headache of the Tories’ own making, to get people out of the country who they simply couldn’t deal with, then it’s been a resounding success – after all they’ve managed to send three home secretaries there, an achievement for which the whole country can be grateful.

“So apart from members of his own Cabinet, how many people has the Prime Minister sent to Rwanda?”

The Labour leader then referred to claims that the Home Secretary, James Cleverly had called the plan ‘batshit’, Sir Keir added, “I am beginning to see why the Home Secretary said the Rwanda scheme was something to do with ‘bat’, I think, was it?

“What does he first think attracted Mr Kagame to hundreds of millions of pounds for nothing in return?”

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