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Steps to get a nursing placement in Australian hospitals

by Cass
8th Sep 20 1:49 pm

To be a successful nurse, mastering the theory and practice of the profession is non-negotiable. While learning the millions of acronyms, medications, and processes in a theoretical framework is important, certain skills can only be learned on the job; skills like critical thinking, teamwork, and the ability to deal with life and death situations in real time. That’s why high-quality placements are necessary for the career trajectory of aspiring nurses. This article will explore how a student nurse can prepare for finding their first nurse placement in Australia.

Apply for a police check BEFORE looking for a placement

In Australia, students looking for nurse placement must have an up-to-date police check in their possession before searching for one. If not, the person will have to wait for another placement.

When applying for national police checks, student nurses should ensure that they give sufficient time. Although most national police checks are completed and posted within 48 hours, it might take considerably longer for a couple of other reasons, especially if further verification is required. In states like Sydney, NSW, employee background checks are generally requested before the interview is even conducted.

Furthermore, it gives the student nurse enough time to object to any misinformation in the record and make the necessary corrections before the due date.

Be flexible

Nurse placements in Australia are subject to last-minute changes. Reasons may include cancellations or health venue issues. For instance, the ward could be on lockdown or be affected by nature’s act like flooding.

Furthermore, student nurses should be flexible about when they want to go on their placement. Having a fixed month in mind might translate to limited options.

Know your placement location

Before officially starting nurse placement, student nurses should get to know not just the hospital they are placed in but also the exact ward they’re to report to. Similarly, knowing the best means of transportation to the location, either public transport or private car will be helpful. This will help to avoid lateness on the first day of work – which can form a bad first impression. One way to go about this is by calling the prospective ward or department and asking if they can just drop in for an informal visit.

Ensure your vaccination and immunisations are current

To protect their health and the health of coworkers and patients, student nurses have the latest vaccinations and immunizations. This is even compulsory in a clinical environment. Without fulfilling that requirement, nurse placement cannot commence. That’s why student nurses should book an appointment with their general practitioners to ensure that their vaccinations and immunizations are up-to-date.

Make a great first impression and maintain it

Image is everything in the medical world. That’s why student nurses should try to maintain the highest standard of professionalism. Dress in the right uniform for the first day and be thoroughly hygienic. Treat everyone with care and respect. This will help portray, to both coworkers and patients, that the person is serious about their job.


A nurse placement provides aspiring nurses the opportunity to gain practical experience in their field. But to be successful, aspiring nurses must ensure that they have everything in order before the commencement of their placement.

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