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Stay connected with the new Surface Hub 2 Collaboration Displays

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19th Mar 19 9:29 am

To truly make the most of your conference areas and meeting rooms, you need to invest in the right technology. Employees, teams and clients are now working together in different ways, utilising innovative tools to turn one-way presentations into interactive, activity-based sessions which truly encourage continuous collaboration.

Due for release in 2019, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is raising the bar for video collaboration platforms even further, providing a lighter and sleeker upgrade to the original Surface Hub model. This lightweight design is engineered to seamlessly bring people together, purpose-built for teams that want to stay connected from across the globe and foster a creative, collaborative working environment.

Alongside the new range of Windows Collaboration Displays, the Surface Hub 2 seeks to revolutionise the entire meeting experience; as Microsoft serves up a wealth of new features and innovative displays, all designed to encourage continuous teamwork and streamline workflow. More importantly, these devices are capable of transforming everyday meeting areas into dynamic spaces which inspire true creativity.

Why Choose Surface Hub 2?

Collaborative technology has become a key component of the modern workplace. Since remote and flexible working trends are continuing to grow in popularity, these tools are proving essential towards keeping teams connected from different spaces and places. According to research from PGi, 88% of business professionals use online collaboration tools at least once a week, while an Alfresco study found that 82% feel as though they can’t collaborate effectively without this technology.

Currently used by over 5,000 businesses all over the world and utilised by more than half of Fortune 100 companies, the Surface Hub provides an innovative collaboration display which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s other workflow applications.

The Surface Hub 2 take things to the next level, providing a platform which is even easier to use and bringing your Teams, Outlook and Office applications together in one central hub. When it comes to convenient, familiar collaboration tools, Microsoft is undoubtedly leading the way.

A New Generation of Collaboration Displays

The Surface Hub 2 is leading a brand-new generation of Microsoft Collaboration Displays. These innovative devices provide the perfect platform for hosting creative brainstorming sessions, presentations and video conferences, with the larger screens ideal for team-based activities and communications. Without question, these displays can improve the effectiveness and efficiency of workplace collaboration.

Surface Hub 2: Interactive Smart Whiteboard

Boasting a 50.5-inch 4K display, the Surface Hub 2 gives the illusion of working on a traditional whiteboard. However, this platform comes with the added benefit of allowing users to share digital images and files, while also enabling remote workers to scribble their own annotations from almost anywhere on the planet.

Although the original Surface Hub featured a larger 55-inch display, this newer model introduces upgraded microphones, cameras and speakers, providing all attendees with the illusion of being in the same room. Lighter, thinner and significantly easier to use, the Surface Hub 2 is built to increase the productivity of meeting sessions and empower collaboration, while it’s also suitable for workspaces of all shapes and sizes.

Windows Collaboration Displays

Despite being the headline act, 2019 isn’t just all about the Surface Hub 2 at Microsoft. Although there’s no news on price just yet, the original 55-inch model was initially priced at just under £7000, meaning that plenty of business owners might be hoping to find a slightly cheaper alternative instead.

First announced back in June last year, a selection of Windows Collaboration Displays are being developed by the likes of Avocor and Sharp. These larger smart screens provide another solution for businesses that want to collaborate quickly and efficiently, built around popular Microsoft applications such as Teams, Office and Whiteboard.

Whereas the Surface Hub 2 offers a complete all-in-one device, Collaboration Displays are essentially external monitors of the highest quality, working through compatible Microsoft devices to enhance and accelerate teamwork. However, these displays feature similar innovations to the Surface Hub 2, incorporating premium-quality cameras, microphones and speakers, alongside motion sensor technology and whiteboard functionality.

When is the Surface Hub 2 Released?

Microsoft has staggered the release of the Surface Hub 2, resulting in some confusion amongst businesses and users. The device being released this year has been labelled the “Surface Hub 2S”, which offers the new 50.5-inch display but operates through an upgraded version of the original Surface Hub software.

The “Surface Hub 2X” is due for release in 2020, and this provides users with the full Surface Hub 2 experience, including the ground-breaking multi-user functionality and innovative rotating screen. Fortunately, 2S devices can be upgraded to match the superior 2X systems, although this will involve buying a replacement processor cartridge.

Whether you opt for the 2S or 2X version, the Microsoft Surface Hub 2 will undoubtedly help you create an office of the future, optimising your meeting spaces and inspiring true collaboration in the workplace.

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