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Spain has the second highest number of global coronavirus deaths

by LLB Reporter
25th Mar 20 12:51 pm

Spain is now the second highest country in the world with the total number of deaths now standing at 3,434 over coronavirus.

On Wednesday, 738 more deaths were announced in just 24 hours. The death toll has now surpassed China which has a recorded number of 3,285, whilst Italy has the most deaths totalling 6,820.

Spain are converting hotels into hospitals and Madrid’s ice rink is being used as a morgue.

The John Hopkins University have announced there are now more than 435,000 and more than 19,000 deaths globally.

The Italian army have been deployed to impose a forced lockdown in Lombardy region which is the worst hit with coronavirus in Italy.

The regional President Attilio Fontana told a press conference on Friday, “The request to use the army has been accepted… and 114 soldiers will be on the ground throughout Lombardy,”

“It is still too little, but it is positive.”

An NHS doctor who is trapped in coronavirus infected Italy has warned the British government to “shut down everything.”

Professor Mohamed Abu Hilal who is quarantined in Bresica, north Italy has said the NHS needs to prepare now for “beds, ventilators, antivirals, doctors and nurses” after witnessing what is happening in Italy.

He said it is not just the elderly who are dying, the young are also even though coronavirus does affect the elderly and vulnerable the most.

Dr Daniele Macchini candidly spoke of the huge pressures that health professionals are going through across Italy, which has now been classed as “protected zone.”

Coronavirus is spreading so fast doctors are making comparisons to war time triage medics who are deciding on who lives and who dies as there are limited numbers of beds in the intensive care unit.

Dr Macchini said, “After thinking for a long time if and what to write about what is happening to us, I felt that the silence was not at all responsible.”

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