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Small business ideas you can start from home

by Sarah Dunsby
14th Nov 18 2:56 pm

Starting a business with an actual office, headquarters or even a shop down street requires significant investments, therefore someone who wants to do it needs to take a loan or have substantial savings.

Yet starting something small online requires much fewer investments, sometimes – even none, if you won’t count the promotion of your new business. Here you’ll find a few excellent ideas that can help you start your business on the web right away, maybe even today.

Social media consulting

Social media is one of the leading advertising forms at the moment. Each business finds the best platform for a specific product or service – either it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Twitter or any other. So this opens the door to so many different platforms you could work on. You can become a social media expert in general or specialize in one or two. After you choose your favourite social media channels, you can pick either you want to create strategies or content. Or maybe both?

Becoming a remote translator

Translating is a job that can be done live when you participate in specific events or meetings, or it can be done remotely online. By becoming a remote translator, you could be translating so many things like books, websites, documents, and so much more. More to it, it is a profession that is always in demand, especially if you know the language very well and can translate it to another with high precision.

Creating online courses

Being an expert in a specific field can bring you many benefits, there’s no doubt about that. But even if you have quite a great experience in anything, for example, PhotoShop, languages or anything else, you can earn money from teaching other people. And, to make it even more efficient, you can create an online course of your own and sell it. This way, you’ll save up a lot of time because you won’t have to host separate sessions on specific days.

Opening an online T-shirt store

There’s actually a really easy way to start an e-shop without any significant investments or worries. By using print on demand, you can have an online t-shirt store, all you’ll need to take care of is creating t shirt designs that can be easily prepared by online mockup tools. You’ll be selling amazing t-shirts to the wide world, and the third party will take care of printing, shipping and keeping the t-shirts in stock.


If you don’t have the time to participate in all the wedding and special events to take photos, but it is something you like to do, and you’re good at, there is still a way to make money out of it. You can sell your photos for photo stocks or sell them on photo banks – this way you can take the pictures at any time you are free and let it sell itself. There’s also a chance to sell your photography on your website, but in this case, you’ll have to invest and put additional effort into promoting and advertising your art.

Graphic design

Every business, especially an online one needs a logo and other graphic elements for their brand, not to mention the content creation for the social media channels. As a professional, you should always keep up with the latest trends in graphic design –  to deliver the trendiest content to your clients and give great advice if needed. And to help your potential clients reach out to you easier, make sure you have a website with your portfolio and use a WordPress Contact Form Plugin | CaptainForm – for faster communication.

Youtube Vlogging

Youtube is more popular than ever nowadays, and there’s no need to argument that. But the important thing is that it’s expanding to more comprehensive and broader ranges of use.  Some time ago people used to create vlogs about their lifestyle and similar things. Now even CEO’s and many other important business people are recommended to start vlogging in order to reach out to their audience.

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