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Six things to consider when choosing a line marking contractor

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4th Sep 19 2:34 pm

Line marking can come handy for commercial and personal properties. It also protects drivers and other road users. Several companies provide line marking services but it can be daunting to find a reliable one.

Without much ado, here are the factors to consider before choosing a road marking contractor.

1. Reputation

This is one of the important things to check as you search for a service provider. You need to know if the customers are satisfied over time. Some companies can make claims but will fail to deliver at the end of the day. Make sure you ask for references and check their website.

The website design and content can reveal a lot about them. Taking a look at their portfolios and customer reviews can offer an insight into their customer service. If they can’t share their portfolio, then that’s a major red flag you shouldn’t wave aside.

Customers can even get free quotes from road marking contractors directly on the website.

2. Materials

Reputable line marking companies will ensure that they use high-quality materials regardless of the size of the project. This is cost-effective and will eliminate the need to refresh the lines often. The type of marking paints they use contain anti-skid properties and tend to last longer.

Find out whether you will buy the materials or they can get them for you. In case you have chosen the latter, they should get line marking materials from reliable suppliers.

3. Experience

It’s risky to choose a line marking company that was launched a few years ago. The truth is that some of those companies may not have what it takes to deliver exceptional service. Opt for contractors with several years of experience.

Such contractors have worked on several line marking projects and can easily identify the right technique and material for each.

4. Area of specialization

The best line marking companies have specialists in their team. They can focus on line marking for helicopter pads, airstrips, warehouses or car parks. Expert line marking contractors will render exceptional service with or without supervision.

They should be able to prove that they’ve worked on similar projects in the past with a high success rate. This is because choosing a contractor that specializes in the type of service you want will take the stress off your shoulders.

Apart from that, line marking specialists are expected to be clear about how long the project will take them.

5. Services

Chances are you will need additional services such as repainting or removal services as time goes on. Ask whether the company offer them. Repainting is the key to refreshing the lines with matching stencils.

They will explain the differences between paint and thermostatic services so that you can choose the best.

6. Equipment

Line marking needs certain equipment to get the best outcome. Look for a contractor that has the appropriate equipment to handle your project and skilled staff to operate them.

Your best bet is to ask many questions before you sign any contract. They will share the necessary readily if they have nothing to hide.

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