Sir Richard Branson reveals how many millions Brexit has cost Virgin, saying Brexit promises will not be met


What are your thoughts on Brexit promises?

Staunch Brexit remain supporter, Sir Richard Branson reveals that Brexit has cost his business “tens of millions of pounds” to include the value of the pound dropping, reduced spending by brits travelling along with the cost of jet fuel.

Sir Richard said to the Sunday Times: “You make a list of all the pluses and all the minuses and the minus list just grows.

Brexit is, “the worst thing that’s happened to Britain in my lifetime.

“Nothing that was promised by the Brexit people is going to happen, not even immigration curbs. People are beginning to realise we need people from Europe to help our economy.”

In July Sir Richard sold a 31 per cent stake in Virgin Atlantic to Air France-KLM for a whopping £220m.

In 2012 Virgin Group sold 49 per cent stake to US Delta Airlines.