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Russia enables ‘Belarusian Su-25 warplanes to carry nuclear weapons’ moving the nuclear fleet to ‘Europe’s doorstep’

by LLB Politics Reporter
15th Oct 22 4:10 pm

Vladimir Putin is equipping some “Belarusian Su-25 warplanes to carry nuclear weapons” the Russian Foreign Ministry confirms.

The Kremlin’s RIA News reported in a statement by the Deputy Head of the Russian delegation, Konstantin Vorontsov as the UNGA First Committee hearing that Russia are “transferring dual-equipped Iskander-M systems to Belarus.”

The Kyiv Post has also reported that Belarus are “reequipping some Belarusian Su-25 aircraft with the technical capability to carry nuclear weapons.”

Vorontsov said, “At this stage, we are talking only about the transfer of dual-equipped Iskander-M systems with missiles in conventional equipment to the Republic of Belarus, as well as giving some of the Belarusian Su-25 aircraft the technical capability to carry nuclear weapons.”

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“At the same time, it’s not expected to transfer the technology for re-equipping aircraft to carry nuclear weapons to Belarus,” the Russian diplomat added.

The Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko first spoke with Putin on 25 June this year and again in late August, he said that his “Su-25 warplanes have already been re-quipped to carry nuclear weapons.”

Belarus is Putin’s preferred choice for a nuclear counteroffensive, whether or not is another matted but either way both of the leaders are ratcheting talk and threats of a possible nuclear strike.

Putin has also moved a fleet of Russian “Blackjack” nuclear capable bombers ti the Olenya airbase in the Arctic Circle which is around 100 miles from the Finland and Norway borders.

The 11 jets, include seven TU-160 “Blackjack” strategic bombers, four TU-95 “Bear” hydrogen bomb carriers which are all capable of launching both long and short-range nuclear and conventional weapons.

As a result of the threats Western officials are now carrying out “prudent planning” in the event that Putin or even Belarus strike Ukraine with nuclear weapons to prevent Brits and Europeans from panicking.

Putin warned on Friday afternoon that the door is open for a “massive attack” and at the moment there is “no need for massive strikes on Ukraine now,” but “we will see.”

The Russian leader warned in a speech in Kazakhstan of a “global catastrophe” should there be any clashes with NATO making yet another reference to a nuclear war.

Putin added, “I hope that those who are saying this are smart enough not to take such steps.”

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