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Rules to abide by when buying a timeless timepiece

by Sarah Dunsby
4th Oct 18 9:23 am

There is nothing that makes a fashion statement than donning a nice, stylish wristwatch. Gone are the days when you had to check on your mobile phone so you can tell the time. When you want to remain in fashion and look the part, be sure to invest in a good watch. But how do you choose the right wristwatch with so many types and styles available in the market?

Enlighten yourself

It pays to spend some time knowing the different types of watches available. There is no shortcut really when it comes to buying the best watch. Learn more about watches. Luckily, this isn’t so hard with a whole industry built around watches so you are sure to find enough information to help you make an informed decision. Not only are there blogs, there are even forums entirely dedicated to enlightening you about the cool watches that you can buy.

Know the value of a wristwatch

Don’t get me wrong here – value is not to be equated to price.  For example, Parmigiani watches offers great value at a great price. The true value of a watch is measured by its durability and how it makes you feel. As such, most people make the mistake of looking at the price and it is perfectly OK to be on a budget. But the best thing would be to look at the value. You want a watch that makes you feel good and confident. One that speaks volumes of your tastes and preferences as well as ensures you make a fashion statement. You want something you will do as everyone you meet gives you a compliment.


You need buyer protection, especially when buying a watch via the internet. The last thing you would want is to buy a watch and have it shipped to your doorstep, only to discover most of the features described online are nowhere close to what you wanted. Besides, it’s not uncommon to find the actual piece totally different from the images you saw online. It will do you good to follow the latest news about the business world and how to make wise purchases via the internet. If not for anything else, you will get updated on what is happening in the business world. It would be good if you bought a watch from a reputable seller that stocks watch from manufacturers that stand behind what they manufacturer.


The last thing to keep in mind is the cost of a watch and you really have to dig deep and understand the price economics of these timepieces. Cheaply priced watches are classified as fashion watches; which are mostly bought to complement your existing wardrobe. You expect this kind of watch to break after a couple of years and because they are not such a huge investment, this will not cause such a huge dent on your wallet and heart. There are also high-end brands and luxury watches like Kalpa will range from above $15,000 upwards of $800,000 apiece. The exclusivity of a watch is what determines the price. This is an heirloom you will want to be passed down from generation to generation so be sure to make a wise investment.


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