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Rubik’s Cube maker sues over alleged trademark violation

30th Aug 17 10:49 am

Here’s why…

Rubik’s Brand Ltd are suing two US toy companies who it alleges is selling ‘knock-offs’ of the classic puzzle.

The London based company is suing manufacturer Duncan Toys Co and retailer Toys “R” Us for trademark violation and reputation damage for selling an ‘imitation twist puzzle’.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday in a federal court in New York with the company seeking damages from the profits of the ‘imitation puzzle’ and has asked the US court to stop the companies from selling the toys.

According to Reuters the complaint said: “Consumers who expect to receive plaintiff’s Rubik’s Cube puzzle, for which plaintiff has developed a national and international reputation, will be disappointed when using defendants’ imitation,” which causes “irreparable harm” to Rubik’s Brand’s reputation and goodwill.

The complaint adds that the Duncan’s 3X3 cube ‘mimics the features and overall appearance’ of the classic Rubik’s Cube, but has some slight alterations such as white instead of black borders and ‘slight rounding’ of the corners.

A spokesman for Duncan said the allegations are without merit, and that the company intends to vigorously defend itself.

Toys “R” Us did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Toys “R” Us sells the Duncan’s 3×3 Quick Cube for $4.99, according to its website about a third of what they sell the Rubik’s Cube for.

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