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Rip-off! Ryanair charges woman €300 (£236) to print boarding passes

by LLB Editor
22nd Aug 12 11:23 am

Ryanair tickets might be cheap as chips but if you forget to print out the airline’s boarding passes, be prepared to fork out €60 per boarding pass.

That’s what happened to Suzy McLeod on 15 August. She had to shell out €300 (£236) to print out five boarding passes to fly to Bristol from Spain after she arrived at an airport without printing her boarding passes in advance.

McLeod took to Facebook to vent her frustration and wrote on the Ryanair’s profile page. “When flying from Alicante to Bristol yesterday, I had previously checked in on-line but because I hadn’t printed out the Boarding Passes, Ryanair charged me €60 per person!!!”

Her frustration didn’t go unnoticed. The post has had over 380,000 likes on Facebook and over 19,000 comments to date.

Many people commented on the post bashing Ryanair for their “crazy” and “outrageous” ways to “rip-off customers.”

One wrote: “Ryanair is the worst airline ever!!!!!! I don’t use it at all after a bad experience with them….. We all do the same. Stop using it till they realize that they are not dealing with rats and that they are not making us any favor…. Without us they are nothing!!!!!”

Ryanair spokesman Stephen McNamara said: “As is clearly outlined in the terms and conditions for every Ryanair passenger, Mrs McLeod agreed at the time of booking that she and her fellow passengers would check-in online and print their boarding cards before arriving at their departure airport, and she also accepted and agreed that if she failed to do so then she would pay our boarding card re-issue penalty of £60 per passenger.”

Will you take the risk of flying Ryanair in the future?

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