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Revoke Article 50 petition reaches almost 3m signatures

by Mark Fitt Political Journalist
22nd Mar 19 10:48 am

A petition calling for Brexit to binned has now reached 2,971,394 signatures, this is the highest sign-up rate in history.

Despite this petition Theresa May said she “will not countenance” revoking Article 50, she further said, “I do not believe that we should be revoking Article 50.”

On Thursday the prime minister told reporters in Brussels, “If you look back to what happened in the referendum, we saw the biggest democratic exercise in our history.

“And there was a clear result that we should leave the European Union.

“We said here’s the vote, what is your decision, and we will deliver on it.

“And I believe it’s our duty as a Government and as a Parliament to deliver on that vote.”

The Petition Committee said almost 2,000 signatures were hitting the website every minute over Thursday lunchtime, causing the website to crash many times.

A Downing St spokeswoman said, failing to deliver Brexit will cause “potentially irreparable damage to public trust.”

She added, “The prime minister has long been clear that failing to deliver on the referendum result would be a failure of our democracy and something she couldn’t countenance.

“The Prime Minister has said many times she will not countenance revoking Article 50.”

Celebrity figures including Jennifer Saunders, Hugh Grant, TV presenter Caitlin Moran, and former Labour press chief Alastair Cambell are urging the public to sign the petition.

The petitions website data shows 1,261,360 are from the UK, 4,660 from Germany, 5,950 from Spain, and 10,560 from France.

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