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Revealed: These are the top four casinos in London

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13th Sep 21 2:37 pm

The capital city of the United Kingdom London is one of the oldest cities in the world. The city’s long, rich history spans almost two millennia since most sources state that the city was founded in 43 CE when Emperor Claudius and his Roman armies reached Britain. Once they occupied Britain, they established Londinium on the River Thames and this establishment will later become one of the world’s most important cultural and economic centre’s.

As estimated in 2021, London is home to over 9,4 million people so around 13% of the entire UK’s population resides in London. Famous for numerous historic landmarks such as the Big Ben, White Tower, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, Sky Garden, British Museum, Buckingham Palace, and Regent’s Park, London is also one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Back in 2018, London was visited by over 20 million tourists. While many international tourists visit London for its historical monuments some also come to London to enjoy its thriving gambling industry.

The United Kingdom is home to one of the most profitable gambling industries in the world and UK residents can legally engage in various forms of gambling activities since 2005 thanks to the Gambling Act. UK gamers are not only huge fans of online casino gaming and sports betting but also of land-based casino gaming. In fact, some of the most successful land-based casinos in the world are located in London. Further, we take a look at the top four London casinos that attract international and local visitors.

  • Aspers Casino
  • Hippodrome Casino
  • Grosvenor Casino
  • Park Lane Casino

Aspers Casino

Located in the Olympic Park London, Aspers Casino is one of the most popular, most visited land-based casinos in London. Aspers Casino started accepting its very first guests back in 2011. It has a massive gaming floor of over 65,000 square feet and of course, a whole range of games to explore including the largest selection of slots in the country, Blackjack and Roulette games, a designated area for poker gamers, and sports bettors, and a plethora of video poker games. If you will be playing video poker games any time soon, make sure you first check out a how to win at video poker strategy to boost your winning odds. Exploring winning strategies on other casino games is something to consider as well.

Hippodrome Casino

When discussing the top land-based casinos in London, we have to mention the iconic Hippodrome Casino located at Cranbourn Street. Back in 2009, the three-story building where the casino is located was acquired by Simon Thomas who decided to fully renovate the venue. The casino opened its doors in July of 2012. Today, Hippodrome Casino features four gaming floors with seventeen Roulette tables, sixteen Blackjack tables, and a variety of other iconic casino games including Baccarat, Three Card Poker, Mini Baccarat, and of course, slots.

Grosvenor Casino

Located at Edgware Road London, Grosvenor Casino is home to one of the best poker rooms in the world and this does not come as a surprise considering this is one of the best-established gambling venues not only in London but in the country. The gambling venue is owned and operated by the Grosvenor brand that owns and operates several other venues of this kind in the United Kingdom and the Vic situated in London is the most visited. The Vic has boasts an impressive gaming floor with over twenty-five gaming tables including tables for Punto Banco, Blackjack, and Roulette alongside electronic Roulette games and slots.

Park Lane Casino

Situated close to Park Lane and Hyde Park in London, Park Lane Casino offers something for everyone including those gamers who prefer playing in private clubs. The Park Lane Casino’s amazing buffet of casino games includes slots, Baccarat, Blackjack, Roulette, and of course poker. Park Lane Casino is also a great venue for high rollers since members of its pricey Loyalty Program get to enjoy a whole range of perks and benefits with special promos included. When they are not gambling, Park Lane Casino visitors can enjoy first-class cuisines at the Jewel of Mayfair restaurant.


Please play responsibly. For more information and advice visit www.begambleaware.org

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