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Revealed: Key ways to create a great website for your business

22nd Aug 17 11:51 pm

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This article is part of our advice series developed in association with the UK Domain, who help UK businesses and individuals achieve more online.

As an entrepreneur, your sole ambition is to boost your business. Having a killer business website can help you do that. Why? Well, there are three billion internet users in the world and having a high-impact website opens your business to them.

What’s more, people aren’t just buying online, websites are a vital element of consumer pre-purchase research. In fact, 67% of consumers research online before visiting a physical store.

With customers becoming more tech savvy and using websites and social channels to validate, compare and share their shopping experiences, getting your online brand identity is crucial to drive sales.

The UK Domain has put together 50 useful tips to create a winning website.  Here’s a taster to get you started:

1.  Don’t forget who your website is really for – ‘Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How can your website get you there?’ Basic questions like these can really help hone your aims from the start and cater to your target audience.

2. A great website could help you get funding – A good website proves your business’ credibility to potential investors. So having a great website could even improve your chances of getting funding.

3. Secure the right domain name – Securing your business name as a domain gives your website and email address legitimacy, inspires trust for your customers and will help people find you online.

4. Keep innovating – Do user and customer surveys with customers to understand how they interact with the website and what can be done to better their experience.

5. Don’t lose sight of your initial business idea – Make sure you keep it simple and let your initial business idea be at the root of anything you do with your website.

6. Identify your USP – The starting point of building your website should be identifying your Unique Selling Point and keeping that in mind to create a killer website.

7. Design your own structure – One of the most important things for e-commerce sites is to make sure people buy, so think about this when designing the structure — look at other e-commerce sites, which will have had a lot of money spent on them and see how that structure supports and encourages online sales.

8. Start with a niche – It’s easy to get carried away thinking big, but much better to focus on a niche, which you can grow over time.

9. Consider the structure of the URL – Keep it simple with the website URL as it needs to accurately represent what the page is, so it is relevant to visitors and search engines.

10. Simple sites may not need a developer – From GoDaddy to Wix, there are plenty of web builders and editing platforms out there that enable business owners with absolutely no web design knowledge to create their online shop windows. Many of these are low cost, or even free, to suit any budget.

Once your website is live, you can harness the power of content, social media and SEO, to drive traffic to your site and build a customer base.

To read the rest of the  tips, download your free guide ’50 Great Tips to Build a Winning Website’, or visit the UK Domain for more hints, tips and tools to help you grow your business online.

50 great tips to build a WINNING WEBSITE

Source: theUKdomain

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