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Regulatory and legal considerations in commercial real estate fundraising

by Sarah Dunsby
12th Jul 23 5:26 pm

The real estate market is one of the most complex markets on the planet when it comes to the various legal and regulatory aspects that need to be considered when operating in the market. As a result of this, some real estate companies and investors get caught out by unexpected investigations and events. This is why it’s important for any real estate companies to have the correct professionals in place to advise them on any potential pitfalls so they can be navigated effectively. In this article, we go over some strategies that can help you to comply with your legal and regulatory requirements.

The rise of technological solutions

As it stands, the property market is seeing a huge increase in the number of technological solutions surrounding legal and regulatory items. Not only are businesses able to attract real estate investors, they can also easily generate reports at the click of a button on their legal and financial position in the business.

These solutions cut down on the amount of time spent managing legal and regulatory considerations, allowing real estate companies to spend more time on the important things, like raising funds and further developing their investment portfolio. Accountants and lawyers can even be added to some systems, making it easier to share critical information.

The importance of financial planning

Financial planning is one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining good legal and regulatory standing. Effective financial planning will ensure that all forecasted incoming and outgoing funds are projected, including any fees related to taxation, professional support and investor repayments over time.

Knowing the money that you need to pay will ensure that your company does not run a deficit on projects and will also make it much less likely that you will run into trouble when it comes time for taxes to be paid and creditors to be repaid.

Find expert legal professionals

Due to the complex nature of the laws and tax regulations surrounding commercial real estate, it’s important that you have the right advice to make sure that you’re making the right choices. One way that you can ensure this is through identifying high-quality legal professionals that have specific expertise in the property market. They can advise you on the safest ways to manage your portfolio. Then, if you do get into any trouble they will be able to identify the most painless way of navigating the legal process. They will make sure that no nasty surprises come through your mailbox.

Tax requirements

When it comes to real estate fundraising and managing real estate projects, keeping on top of your tax requirements is one of the most important things you can do. If you’re not aware of the tax obligations in your locality for property investment then you can find yourself facing down the barrel of some serious tax investigations, which can be incredibly costly and in the worst circumstances can lead you to facing time behind bars.


This is why you should always take the time to identify which laws apply to you so that you can make sure you’re always paying the taxes that you’re obligated to pay.

Utilise financial experts

If you’re not comfortable with identifying and sorting out your own tax liabilities, don’t be disheartened, there aren’t very many people out there that can handle it on their own. This is why it’s critical that you find the right financial experts such as accountants to handle your tax requirements for you. Ideally, you want someone with expertise in property taxes so you’re completely covered. They will make you aware of exactly what you have to pay, when you have to pay it and they can also make it so that you save money on tax through a range of financial avenues.


Numerous legal and regulatory requirements placed on real estate companies and their investors. Thankfully, the solutions for navigating these issues are rapidly becoming more advanced and the availability of high-quality professionals that can advise on these issues is steadily increasing. It is important to understand these requirements and have plans and procedures in place to ensure that they’re followed effectively to avoid lawbreaking- which can have a detrimental impact on the business.

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