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Real online income sources for hard workers

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11th Jun 20 3:50 pm

You see a lot of get-rich-quick ads that pop up as you surf the internet. Our trusting self has no reason to disbelieve the seemingly authentic claims. However, most of them are scams.

This does not mean that you should give up on your dream of working from home to earn some extra income. There are plenty of legitimate ways to make money online for people who believe in hard work.

No BS IM Reviews blog will give you a good idea about what is real and what is not. Read on to know authentic ways of making money online without shortcuts.

13 proper ways to make money online through hard work

1. Print on demand

Monetize your art by printing on demand if you are a graphic designer or a painter. There are many websites online that will showcase and distribute the end product to your customers. All they ask for is a slice of your profit.

You can print your art on T-shirts, mugs, plates and more. Or you can sell them as works of art with proper framing. The great thing is, you can sell the same artwork as many times as you want. Each sale is money in your pocket for the same work you have done.

2. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way of making money if you have good persuasive skills. Many websites are willing to pay you a sum of money for recruiting users or consumers.

The more people you bring over, the more money you make. Online marketing skills improve your chances of success.

3. Monetise your videos on Youtube

You can get paid by Youtube if your videos do well in terms of views. To get a steady flow of money, post your videos regularly. Your videos should be informative or entertaining.

If you are lucky, one of your videos might go viral. If that is the case, you might earn millions of dollars. However, there is no sure-fire recipe for a viral video.  Regardless of going viral, you will still make a decent income from successful Youtube videos.

4. Be an influencer on social media platforms

To be an influencer on different social media platforms, you need an enormous number of followers. Once you have a prominent following, you can seek out sponsors.

Kylie Jenner makes a million dollars for each Instagram post. Yes, it’s true that its difficult to become a celebrity overnight. However, being an influencer is possible if you have a charismatic personality and bring authenticity and value to your followers.

5. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is an excellent way of making money online. You have to sell goods to customers but you don’t have to worry about storage, packaging, or shipping. The supplier handles all that for you.

Oberlo allows you to access countless products. You can add these products to your store and market them using social media

6. Sell online courses

One of the most honorable and rewarding occupations on earth is teaching. You can create online courses and sell them on Udemy or your website.

Having expertise in a particular field of study is not enough. You need to present what you know in simple words. The content that you create should also have proper illustrations and be engaging.

7. Publishing ebooks

If you are a writer then you are in luck! You can easily publish your books on Amazon KDP. Once you’re done with your ebook, format it. After that, create an attractive cover for the book. Next, publish your work and don’t forget to promote it.

To promote your ebook, you need to have some understanding of internet marketing and social media platforms. Especially if you are trying to rank your product in Amazon, you need to understand how the Amazon a9 algorithm works.

8. Create a blog

People have been earning money from blogs for decades now. You need to be good at content creation and SEO. There are some wonderful platforms for you to publish your blogs such as Shopify.

Once you have a good blog with a substantive number of readers, add affiliate links to make money. You can also monetise with AdSense by strategic placement of advertisements.

9. Freelancing

There are some incredible websites for freelancers to earn money such as Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr. If you are a writer, graphic designer, web developer, or skillful with a computer, use those skills to earn money!  You can make a significant amount of money doing these things.

You have to first create a portfolio that shows off what you are good at. After that, apply for long-term jobs, short-term jobs, or competitions.

If a work provider picks you, make sure to be timely in the delivery of work. If you do a good job, your client will give you a good recommendation testimonial which will attract further clients.

10. Develop an app

All it takes to become filthy rich is a good idea and programming skills. However, if you are willing to invest some money, you don’t even need to be a programmer.

You can approach an affordable developer to develop the app for you. When the app is ready, upload it to the App Store or Google Play. Even a free app makes a lot of money from advertisements.

11. Content writing

Good content writers are in high demand as content marketing is crucial for brand promotion.

If you are crafty with wordplay and you understand what SEO friendly writing is, work as a content writer. Professional writers make 10 to 15 dollars per 1000 words writing articles.

Some sites that accept writing and pay well include Problogger, Craigslist, Blogging Pro, and Media Bistro. Other than that, you can find writing jobs on Facebook groups for writers.

12. Translating

Do you know more than a few languages and are you willing to translate to make money? If so, there are a plethora of opportunities for you to work.

Of course, you have to be very good at translating to be worthy of getting work. Some of the websites where you can find translating gigs include, Upwork, People Per Hour, SDL, and Gengo.

Drive people around

If you have a vehicle and you know your way around, you can make a lot of money with Uber. People in need of a ride can see where you are using the Uber app. If you are nearby, they will contact you.

The great part is the Uber app will show you the location where your passenger wants to go. Negotiation does not determine the rate, Uber does and it is a fixed rate.

Final thoughts

Working online and freelance is the way of the future. However, don’t look for shortcuts when it comes to making money. You have to put in some work and produce value to get paid for your work.

Authentic online jobs pay well but entail a lot of hard work. We wish you the best of luck and hope that you are successful in working online or as a freelancer.

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