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Raffaele Riva shares successful insights and inspirations

by Sarah Dunsby
6th Apr 23 12:07 pm

From 1992 to 1996, Raffaele Riva made a name for himself as a Senior Executive for a multinational conglomerate. Having worked at an international level in countries like Canada, Central America, and Western Europe; Raffaele Riva has now turned into one of the true thought leaders within his field.

Now President and Founder of AUREA Multi Family Office, Raffaele Riva is taking to interviews to share the insights and motivations that have led him to so much success.

Let’s pare back the layers of Raffaele Riva’s career to better understand his story, ideas, and future.

Developing a positive outlook

As the founder of AUREA Multi Family Office, Raffaele Riva spends a significant amount of his time working with different segments of financial services. Riva has made a career out of working in financial services, wealth management, auditing, and accounting. Through his efforts in mastering the different segments of financial services, Riva has learned about international tax laws, code changes, and other key services.

To continue making positive progress, Riva took it to heart that a positive mindset is absolutely essential. Riva maintains that positive outlook by engaging with his curiosity, reading, and researching the different subjects that most appeal to him in his business. Riva believes that engaging in your curiosity can lead to a more positive work environment.

Riva stated, “When you wake up each morning looking for more ways to better serve and satisfy your clients, you will dramatically boost your business.”

Riva went on to suggest that entrepreneurs and CEOs need to focus more on serving. Riva added, “Always think in terms of serving, even if your client was the one who was wrong, take the initiative to fix things and correct them immediately – it will provide value in life.”

Through this curiosity-and-serving-focused approach to business, Raffaele Riva has been able to develop a reputation for conscientious and effective business dealings. At the end of the day, Riva suggests, networking and building a client base is about more than just greeting individuals while shaking their hands.

The life and times of Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva was born in 1962. He would attend and graduate from the Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore as a chartered accountant. While attending school in Milan, Riva would study the different sections of corporate financing, banking law, and tax law that would become integral to his success in the field.  Upon graduation, Riva would attend the Canton Ticini Management Business School before moving to the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Southern Switzerland.

Now considered an industry thought leader and entrepreneurial success story, Raffaele Riva is looking to share his insights with those following in his footsteps. Riva is most well-known for his work as a managing partner and Senior Executive for a number of different companies spanning Canada, South and Central America, Europe, and South Africa.

Most recently, Riva decided that it was time to focus on building his own future and, in 2008 would establish AUREA Multi Family Office. See related link for additional information.

Follow his Twitter page on https://twitter.com/raffaeleriva5

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